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    Default Input on Coranado Springs

    We are thinking about Coranado Springs for five nights in the fall. Can those who have stayed there fill me in on the good, bad and the ugly of it?
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    buzz2001 Guest


    CSR is a great resort. It has the best pool of the mods, awesome transportation that is not shared with another resort and many great food options.

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    Well.....we've not stayed there, but my sister did a couple of years ago, and said it was just OK.....she said the room was nice, however the walk to the pool was HORRIBLE !!! We visited her one night to eat dinner and the resort is beautiful, but so big and "sprawled" out ..... just a few little things to add to your list of "pro's n con's".....
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    to Intercot DisneyDadfromPittsburgh

    We stayed at Coronado Springs this past Dec and Feb. I liked it alot. We swam in a quiet pool that was right outside our room, we never went to the main pool.
    I liked the food court, Pepper Market. There were alot (really alot) of choices, it was just very expensive Lunch for 2 adults was over 30 dollars and it's not like we had anything so extravagant. It's a very nice resort, I'm sure we will stay there again.
    We don't use the buses so I can't comment. There was plenty of parking near the rooms.
    Stephanie șoș
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    My family actually prefers Coronado to all other Moderate resorts.
    It all depends where you stay, how far your walk will be and it also depends what is more important to you.

    If you would like to be close to the main hall and the pool then I would suggest you ask for a room in the Cabanas.
    If being close to the pool is not all that important ( keep in mind each area has their own quiet pool ) and being close to the main hall is important then ask for a room in the Casitas.

    All in all to walk around the lake at Coronado is approximately 20 minutes.

    As for the food court, it is the best on Disney Property in our opinion and comparitive in price to all other food courts.

    As for decor and atmosphere it leans more towards a deluxe than a moderate, absolutely beautiful at times.

    Then only downfall we find when staying there is location and bus service may require extra patience.

    Hope this helps
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    We love Coronado.... the food court is awesome, SO much more of a selection than any of the other mods we have eaten at. We also love the theming, and the pool is AWESOME, too. It IS a big resort, but you just have to do a little research and try to request a room in a good location and you'll be fine. We prefer the Cabanas for the proximity to the bus stop, pool, and food court, but we stayed in the ranchos our first time (which was a HIKE to everything) and we still loved it. You're going to be doing some walking if you go to Disney, so it didn't bother us. All in all, I think you'll really like the place!!!
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    CSR is our favorite moderate!

    1. The food court - Pepper Market - is great! They have a great selection of items and the food is delicious.
    2. Maya Grill has a great breakfast buffet and it's only 11.99 I think.
    3. The buses are great! We've never waited more than 10 or 15 mins for a bus. Many times only 5 mins. They don't share with any other resort so it's fast.
    4. The pools are nice.
    5. We have stayed in the building on the opposite side of the property from the food court and it isn't a long walk to get there. We actually like to take the walk from there back to our room some nights. It's just beautiful!
    6. It's a quiet resort. I think due to having the convention center.

    Have fun planning!
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    We stayed at CS last Nov. for Thanksgiving week and we loved it. All together we had 4 families and everyone really enjoyed the resort. The pool was a huge hit with the kids. We all loved Pepper Market, and Maya Grill was surprisingly one of our best TS meals of the trip. It had one of the best gift shops I've been in, and I love all gift shops. The bus service was just as good as any of the other resorts we've stayed at and this was during Thanksgiving week. The only problem we had was with housekeeping, but I don't count that against CS because we had even worse housekeeping last Feb. at WL. All in all it's a great place to stay. The only reason I can see us not staying there again is because we want to try all the resorts.

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    Welcome DisneyDad... from Bethel Park.

    We lived in one of the first houses on Mica Ct (corner with Boulder) for a few yr, then in another corner house at Grouse Run and Boxer a few more. That was before we threw away our ice scrapers & snow shovels and moved here. We did enjoy our 13 yr in western PA a lot.

    I've never stayed at CSR but have been there a half dozen times to meet clients. It is beautiful if a bit spread out (no more so than CBR or PO). And I enjoyed the dinner I had there one evening.
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    The food at the food court was higher priced than other food courts, and it seemed really cramped inside of it. They were doing some construction beside the food court last September when we stayed, so that may have changed. I don't know what they were building. It was behind mobile walls. Also a preferred room would be a must.
    We were so far away from the main pool/buildings, it was crazy. We did have a separate bus stop close to our room, but we like to do things around the hotel too. We really liked the theming and the main pool. If you're not planning to eat at the hotel much or money doesn't matter, it's great. Next time I'll get a preferred room, though.
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    Loved it there! It is definitely more of an adult resort, if that's possible for Disney. Food court & Maya Grill are very good, the pools are all nice, bus service was great!
    Too many trips to keep track of now! Vacation WDW twice a year so any questions ask freely ☺️

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    I echo the advice to request a cabana if you don't like to walk. There are multiple pools around the resort so the main pool is only one of several options.

    The resort has a nice workout room if you're inclined but an active day at the parks should fit that bill nicely.

    I really like the Maya Grill, Pepper Market has some nice choices but can get a bit busy around dinner time.

    You shouldn't have to wait very long for a bus regardless of where you want to go in 'The World'. It's a good choice, the resort is beautiful at night, the staff was quite friendly and the ribs at Maya Grill were so good I had them two nights in a row. The lake is pretty too and there are hammocks on the beach if you just want to relax after a busy day.

    Hope you have a nice visit wherever you decide to stay. The only reason I would not stay there again is that I've only stayed at the Swan and CSR and hope to try other resorts. Otherwise, it's hard for me to imagine a better place to stay at WDW.

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    CSR is definitely my favorite moderate. The resort is really lovely and the service has always been top-notch. The only thing that didn't measure up for us was the Maya Grill - we felt that dinner was really nothing special for the price. Other than that I would recommend CSR wholeheartedly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by #1donaldfan View Post
    .....she said the room was nice, however the walk to the pool was HORRIBLE !!!
    Maybe I'm weird, but I actually enjoyed the long walk. It was beautiful walking back to the room at night and just taking in all the sights and sounds. I also couldn't get over how quiet everything was. The atmosphere was just great.

    The only issue I had was the wait for the bus. We seemed to have our timing off almost everyday and we were stuck waiting up to 20 min for a bus all the time. Of course, that's only a minor thing compared to everything else, but still something to think about.

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    Default I concur!

    CS is a wonderful resort. Quiet, tranquil, away from the usual insanity of Disney Moderate resorts. The food is outstanding (especially the breakfast ... yummy!)

    The quiet pools are actually quiet and because the resort is geared more to the business traveller, there are fewer families and again that makes it much quieter after a long day at the park. I prefer to stay near the last bus stop as this means:
    a) you get on the bus and go to your destination
    b) you can get off the bus at the entrance and have a very short walk to your room
    c) when you get up in the morning it is a pretty short walk to breakfast as well.

    Hope you have fun and take lots of pictures, it is the most beautiful resort at sun up and sundown.

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    This resort was my family's least favorite out of every resort we have stayed at in Disney. There was a convention when we were there (we wouldn't have stayed there if we had known) so they stuck us in the basically the farthest location in the back of the hotel you could possibly go. Thank god we had a rental car because he would never have been able to walk to the food court every night. Also, when we drove to the lobby/fourt court area we had to stop to swipe our card through this gate thing. It was very unconvenient and irratating. Also since we were at the back of the resort you could never see what buses were coming or if they were approaching. Unlike the All-stars where every park/water park had its own bus stop this only had one for each area of the resort. The pool was beautiful but the water slide was only open once during our whole trip.
    (1 week in October) They also let us know that since we were so far from everything in the resort that there would be these golf cart things that were supposed to constantly be around to drive us to the fourt court and such and we only saw these carts twice and they were always stuffed to the max with people on them.

    Positives were the pool was beautiful, the rooms were nice, the resort overall was beautiful and the food was decent. But honestly we enjoyed staying at the All-stars down the road better than this hotel.
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    Yeah Pittsburgh! (as a kid lived outside of it & am still a Steelers fan)
    CSR is at the top of my mod list. it may b more adult since its convention resort. never really bothered the few times I was there by conventions. Pepper Mkt was pretty good, & I could have gotten a steak as CS credit when I was there. Havent tried Maya Grill. slight bus problem last time, but it doesnt share buses w other resorts like some do.
    the grounds are nice. I did get in the Ranchos both times which can be far, but didnt bother me
    business center,spa etc is more than other mods
    Im thinking of staying there again
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    We visited this resort about 5 years ago and what I liked about the resort was the pool area and the grounds of the resort. The only thing that I disliked was that this resort is also a convention center so it was alittle to crowded for me.If you do not mind the the crowd you will enjoy the rsort as it has alot to offer.

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    We stayed there for 10 days last September. We will definately be going back after we're finished trying a few others.

    We preferred CSR over the other moderates. The grounds were beautiful. We were in Ranchos 6B and walking around the lake to the main building was one of our favorite parts, especially at night. And, even with 2 kids under 5, it took less than 10 minutes.

    The Pepper Market offers a terrific selection of food. There are more choices than the other food courts and the quality is better as well.

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