January trip -----

Okay guys....my husband talked me into getting the DELUXE dining plan. I was hesitant about it at first....but, since we will be staying using our DVC, we won't have to pay for accomodations....and we are AP holders, so the only money we will have to spend is airfare and food. Which, made my husband, want to spend the extra money for the DELUXE version.

I am FINALLY done making the ADR's.

My 'plan' was to GET MY MONEY'S WORTH!!! I made ADR's for a lot of the 2 TS dinner places, and the shows that cost 2 TS credits.

So, here goes:
Arrival day - Wilderness Lodge. Spend day at resort:
- lunch at Trails End - walk over from our resort
- dinner at Artist Pointe - will be easy to dress up since it's at our resort. We chose to do this on this particular night so we wouldn't have to do it another night while we are at the parks. This way, we won't spend time leaving the parks and having to get ready. We are already there.

1st day - AK:
- early lunch at Tusker House
- dinner Jiko (short bus ride to AKL)

2nd day - MK
- early lunch at Crystal Palace
- dinner at Concourse steakhouse (can ride monorail straight there)

3rd day - Epcot
- early lunch at Biergarten
- dinner at Le Cellier

4th day - Hollywood Studios
- early lunch at Brown Derby
- 9:30pm show at Hoop Dee Doo Revue

5th day - Epcot
- early lunch at Teppan Edo
- late dinner at Flying Fish Cafe (catch boat there from Epcot)

6th day - Hollywood Studios
- early lunch at Sci Fi
- dinner at CA Grill

7th day - Epcot
- early lunch at Coral Reef
- dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse

8th day - AK
- early lunch at Yak & Yeti
- go back to resort and get dressed
- late dinner at Narcossee's

9th day - MK
- breakfast at Kona Cafe
- early dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table

10th day - departure day
- lunch at Whispering Canyon before ME picks us up

Plus - 2 snacks a day.

Question: Do we get the refillable mug per person,...or is that just for the Magic Your Way Packages for the Deluxe dining plan?

This seems totally insane. I am hoping that I have planned this to work out for us well. Let me explain:

- I always made the earliest of lunches, and somewhat of a late dinner. So there is almost always a 7-9 hour difference between meals.
- Snacks will be drinks at the parks, or small breakfast items for EARLY mornings.

We NEVER eat this much. But WHY NOT???...we are on vacation. We will not waste food. Meaning --- if we have an ADR, and we aren't 'starving'...we'll get a small entree, etc.

I used EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY CREDITS in making these ADR's. I used a lot of them to go to the 2 TS restaurants/shows:
- Narcossees
- Jiko
- Hoop Dee Doo
- Cinderella's castle
- Brown Derby
- Artist Pointe
- California Grill
- Yachtsman Steakhouse
- Flying Fish
These are all places that we normally wouldn't go to if we used the basic dining plan.

Wish us luck. I'm sure I'll gain some weight!!!!