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    Default Grocery Question from DVC newbie

    bear_necessity and I just joined DVC last weekend at SSR! Did you all the hear the angel choir a-singin'?! Anyway, I know that Garden Grocer will deliver, etc. But I was wondering - DH and I use to always bring snacks and stuff along to WDW w/ the noble intention of saving a few dollars on food and, invariably, those snacks sit in our room or backpack, getting smushed and totally ignored. We barely even use the refillable mugs when we buy them. Do you find that since you have the kitchen you're more inclined to consume food and drink in the room? Or like us, do you just skip it for the sake of getting out into the Parks and living it up there instead? Also, is there a minimum order amout for GG? I noticed a post on another board that said they ordered drinks only. That sounded like a good idea.
    Shelley, Happy DW of bear_necessity.
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    I was probably the post you saw about ordering drinks from Garden Grocer. I didn't notice a minimum requirement when I ordered. We got several cases of Coke products and bottled water (not all for us, we were a party of 15 ). I definitely did not feel the need to stock the kitchen at SSR because we spent little time there. When I'm on vacation - no cooking!

    Besides beverages, the only other items I kept on hand were Pop Tarts and microwave popcorn for late night snacks for the kids. All our meals were planned out on the Dining Plan.

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    Hi. We also used Green Grocer. I agree with you. No cooking on vacation! We ordered soda, juice, water, doughnuts, popcorn, chips, and other misc snacking and breakfast items. I found that we were much more willing to grab some breakfast at a leisurely pace in a DVC unit than we ever were at a regular resort. It just seems to put a whole different vibe on the vacation. We did seem to use all the stuff we ordered. If I had ordered food that required cooking we wouldn't have used it.

    Happy planning!

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    I want nothing to do with cooking when on vacation.

    That being said we do use the kitchen for coffee and ice cubes. And it's nice to have the refrigerator for beverages. We've even brought back doggy-bags from the restaurants.

    My family does grab snacks at the on-site store. I've never not found what we wanted right there. They have everything from fresh baked goods to frozen dinners.

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    I just love to say that
    You will love it at SSR. Here is our take on your question. We do not cook meals in the room either, we always use the DDP (love it)
    Here is our twist..we ship all of our snacks and drinks (canned) about 1 week ahead of our arrival day, i have a account with UPS so it makes it so easy for me. You can track your package online, when it arrives you can print out the page so you know who signed for it, and the time and date. Take this with you just in case, they keep your package in the resort lobby until you arrive, when we check in we ask them to deliver the package's to our room..works like a charm..then we have extra coffee,splenda,sugar, and lots of snacks and drinks !!..and just a note on another subject. We always ship things back home that we don't want to pack on the plane, just be sure you ship from the resort..not the park !..and the cost of shipping is very affordable..i shipped 15 boxes once for 75.00...well worth it ...hope this helps...have a great trip !!
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    We DO cook a few meals while we are there (if staying in a one or two bedroom). Nothing elaborate of course, maybe some of those Stouffers Family Style meals with garlic bread and salad, or maybe frozen pizzas. I made breakfast a few mornings: sausage, eggs, toast, OJ, milk, etc. We had a car so we did our own shopping. There is a Winn Dixie down 535/S. Apopka Vineland Road and they don't inflate their prices.
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    Congrats! We just got back from SSR today! We had a great vacation...

    We like to eat breakast in the room, so we go out and get your breakfast basics. Also, we'll buy some beer or wine (not for breakfast!!)

    We find that we usually end up hanging out by the pool mid -day until it cools off, then we take off, get dinner and do the park thing. Plus we don't hit the parks every day.... I think next time we stay for a week we'll also bring some lunch food, etc.

    I find that eating park food every day doesn't agree with my body too well. Sometimes I just want a salad and a yogurt.

    Since we live in Florida, we drive to Disney for our trips, so it's easy for us to bring food, if we want.

    Personally, I like to eat in the room now and then just because I don't feel so darn bloated from eating park food. We just don't cook anything elaborate. Like I said, bag o' salad, fruit, yougurt, cereal, bagels, cream cheese, etc.

    We drive to Publix which is on 192 West leaving Disney from SSR. You have to go 2 or 3 miles and when the strip of tourist junk dies the publix comes up on your right hand side. You'll think that you've gone too far and then there it is.

    Good luck!
    Many, many visits since 1973....

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