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    Default Wearing ponchos on water rides???

    I have an odd question.....
    When you wear a poncho on a water ride, how do you keep your shorts from getting wet???
    I can see how it prevents your shirt from getting wet, but doesn't the water splash on/under the seat and soak your shorts??

    I love water rides but do NOT love walking around sloshing in my shoes and having shorts chafe.......so when i read that people wore their ponchos I wanted to figure out how it works so we can try it!
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    Default Staying dry

    As far as your seat/shorts, make sure you 'sit' on your poncho. Act as if you are straightening a dress to sit down. This can be tricky if your poncho is short.

    Another thing you have to be careful with is the water going down the hole around your neck, so if you want to try to keep 'dry' just as you go over/through the water, grab the collar of your poncho close.

    Your shoes...yeah, these are going to get wet.

    What we usually do is plan on hitting the water rides right before we go to the hotel pool or one of the water parks. We wear our swimming suits under our t-shirts/shorts and that way you are ready for the pool .

    Bottom line, water rides are supposed to be wet and fun. Usually during the 'winter' months, they do turn down the amount of water you 'hit' with so the ponchos really work during the winter months. But I say, have fun, get wet and laugh!

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    Default Ponch-Nos

    A poncho can keep some of the water off of you but if you are "lucky" enough to catch a major dousing it will be like wearing a poncho in a swimming pool.

    We always wait 'til we're out of the loading station then we quickly stash our shoes and socks in the plastic covered area in the center of the "boat".

    Once, we were going through our "strip and stash" routine and a couple sitting across from us tried to ask, in limited English, "Why...??" and I pointed 30 yards ahead at a waterfall. Their eyes got big and they stripped to modesty minimum ins seconds. No sooner than they secured their stuff when, "Boom!" they got doused with a giant wave. They laughed and pointed at the plastic gear stash area and gave us a big thumbs up. When my wife and I determined we approaching the end of the ride we began quickly gathering our staff and "redressing". The foreign couple beside us did exactly the same.

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    I'm with the others. I always look at it as a nice way to cool off after all that walking and sitting around in the sun. Maybe you can pack a pair of flip flops to wear just for the water rides and switch 'em out once you're off. It's worth it, IMO, to enjoy the water ride...water and all!

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    It also depends on the ride. Kali River Rapids is the only ride in which you are likely to get soaked. We have solved that problem by taking big plastic trash bags, turning them upside down and punching holes for our heads and arms. They keep us dry due to their size. Afterwards you just give them to someone else in line. We just make sure to go early so we're not lugging around trash bags all day.
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    I only went on Kali once, and didn't like it. It was short, it was a sweltering hot day (always seems to be that way for us in AK, lol) the ride seemed too short, and we didn't get wet. I have gotten extremely soaked on Splash Mountain on days where it was very uncomfortable to feel that way. There is no shame in wearing a poncho. I can't stand squishy sneaks and chafed thighs so I have been known to wrap the poncho around my lower body and let my face and shirt get wet. Those areas dry off a lot more quickly.

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    I'm with you - I wish there was a way to keep my shorts and my bangs dry. I don't care about the rest of my clothes or the rest of my hair - I just hate wet shorts and I hate my bangs hanging in my face the rest of the day! I've heard plenty of folks say they wear ponchos on Kali but I've yet to be on so I have no idea how well they work.
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    My GF wore a poncho on Kali Rapids and was the unlucky recipient of a major dowsing. The water went right down the front neck opening and she was soaked. I barely got wet. So the poncho doesn't always work.
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    Good question! It's tricky and I rarely pull it off. You almost need two ponchos. One to sit on, because the seats of water rides are always wet, and one to wear. It's hard to accurately adjust to protect all areas. I didn't get all that wet on Kali, actually. I wore ponchos and never ended up in the seat that bears the brunt of the dousing. My husband did He always gets it on water rides.
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    To poncho or not to poncho....

    It depends on my mood, time of day and the weather. It's hard to decide sometimes, as I wouldn't mind getting a little spritz but getting soaked and walking around in wet clothes is a bit of a buzz kill.

    The poncho has kept me reasonably dry when I have used it. I do take care to tuck it under and hold it closed around the neck if it looks like I am in the lucky seat. It is harder to keep shoes dry - sometimes I use my watersport sneakers or change into flip flops for the ride.

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    My daughter who is 19 and of course takes to much time to get ready with her hair and makeup has made an outfit out of ponchos that look like a skirt and shirt with velcro. She changes her shoes to not so nice ones before the ride and puts a shower cap on. Now she does stay dry a little more than the rest of us. But every time I go I just take extra clothes with us and make it near the end of the day so I can change into something else with out losing time. But none of us will pass up these rides.
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    We wore our ponchos on Kali River but needless to say still got pretty wet. We did not mind it however due to the heat. So it can be a good thing sometimes if you dont get too wet.
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    I wear my poncho, tuck it under me as much as possible, pull the hood up and if it looks like I'm going to get drenched I tuck my head and hold the neck opening as tightly closed as possible. As far as shoes, tuck them in a plastic grocery type bag & stick them in the center area. Or wear something like Tevas that will dry pretty quickly.
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