View Full Version : opinions please! better night to see Spectro?

03-22-2007, 08:01 PM
Ok - this may seem like an odd question - but which would be the "better" night to see Spectromagic (in reference to crowds) - a Thursday night when MK has AM EMH (as i have heard a lot of people say that the AM EMH park has loads of people rest of the day) or a Friday night when MK has PM EMH. My gut is saying Friday - any other opinions?

If this makes a difference: we arrive on Thursday so would go soley to MK to have the "aahh.. we in are in Disney" experience - especially since we were so rushed to do "things" last time that i really didn't get a chance to "see" MK (main street, buildings, etc) - we would also wait for the first Spectromagic parade and leave right before the second (not concerned about seeing Wishes this night).

Now if the consensus is to wait until Friday night to see it we would probably wait for the second parade on Friday (EMH night) as we have ADRs at Liberty Tree close to the time of the first.

Opinions please.. (and yes I am this much of a planner to try to figure this out 70+ days before my trip)

03-23-2007, 12:00 AM
I am a fan of waiting for the second parade no matter what night it is. The second showing is almost always less crowded since alot of people tend to leave the park after Wishes. I found this even holds true on PM EMH nights.