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03-22-2007, 06:20 PM
I'm a DVC member and just booked the Dining Plan for the first time. I've been to Disney countless times, but I haven't eaten at too many table service restaurants. I''m wondering if people can help me out and clue me in on their favorite table service that serve great vegetarian meals and what those meals might be. I've looked at the menus here on Intercot and other websites, but I want to call on the expertise of my fellow Intercot members. I've already made reservations at California Grill and Boma, so that's a good start. Thanks everybody.

03-22-2007, 09:04 PM
I have been a veggie for 7 years and think Disney World is the BEST place for a vegetarian :)

My personal faves for table service are Coral Reef (they have a vegetable strudel in leek fondue that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!), and Crystal Palace (I told the waitress I was a vegetarian, and the head chef not only came out and gave me a personal veggie-friendly tour of the buffet, but he asked if there was anything I was craving or wanted that he could make for me. He made a special pasta dish just for me and brought it to my table!). The shrimp penne at Sci-Fi (minus the shrimp) is awesome too (it has garlic, capers, spinach, tomatoes, asiago cheese). The veggie tempura at Tempura Kiko un Japan at Epcot is great, and especially with the dining plan, you get LOTS of food. They were great when I went to Prime Time, too. The veggie dish that was on the menu, a stuffed pepper, didn't sound too good to me, so they made me a salad and a huge bowl of mac and cheese.
As for counter service, my top fave is Sunshine Seasons. They have a veggie Cuban sandwish that is REALLY good. I had a cheese plate and baguette at Boulangerie Patisserie at France in Epcot that was great too (and a great price; only $5 for 3 generous wedges of GREAT cheese!). The Lunching Pad in Tommarowland at MK has a good veggie noodle bowl (thai style, with a lime wedge), and Cosmic Rays has a veggie burger for its fixin's bar that is great too. ABC Commisionary at MGM has a hummus wrap and a veggie stir-fry.
Sorry, I haven't really spent enough time in AK to eat there, but these are my recommendations for the other parks ;)
Any other questions lemme know!

03-22-2007, 09:19 PM
FOR VEGETARIANS: Walt Disney World offers many different selections. Veggie burgers are served at many of the counter service restaurants. Some of the best places for vegetarian selections are: Magic Kingdom - Pecos Bills, Columbia Harbour House, Cosmic Rays (yummy veggie burgers) and the Crystal Palace; Epcot - Pure & Simple, Sunshine Food Fair, Chef de France, Restaurant Marrakesh (check out the veggie couscous), Tempura Kiku (for the veggie tempura), Liberty Inn and the Outpost (both of the last two counter service restaurants offer veggie wraps); MGM - Sunset Market, Rosies (for the veggie burgers), Pizza Planet, Hollywood & Vine, Hollywood Brown Derby and Mama Melroses (the last two also offer a Fantasmic dinner package); Animal Kingdom - Pizzafari, Tusker House, Restaurantosauras and the Rainforest Cafe.

The above is from InfoCentral here on INTERCOT.

From personal experience (at least my DH's) Boma is probably the best place on property.

But I think you will find you can have a very good vegetarian experience at most any TS restaurant IF you take the time to note it on your ADR, then ask to speak with the chef when you arrive. More often than not, they are willing (and pleased) to make something YOU like and will enjoy. And it gives them a chance to "show off" a little.:thumbsup:

The chef at Boma made a fantastic dish for a friend of mine that was shared and enjoyed by everyone at her table (vegans and carnivores alike!).

01-25-2010, 04:13 AM

Is there any updated restaurants that serve vegetarian food - I notice the reviews are dated 2007. Also, is it possible to just get a plate of fries.:mickey:

Kathy Jetson
01-25-2010, 03:02 PM
For counter service I like Columbia Harbour House in MK.

01-25-2010, 03:19 PM
Tempura Kiku is no more, but I think you can get the same sort of thing at Tokyo Dining. Yak and Yeti might also be one to try. But don't feel limited. There's a veggie option or a chef who will make something for you at nearly all WDW restaurants.

01-26-2010, 08:13 AM
Many thanks for the reassurance that the Chefs will be able to make a nice veggie dish for us at WDW. I will mention it when I make my ADR's.

01-27-2010, 12:06 PM
I enjoyed the California Grill, the chef prepared a dish he called "Vegetables Unplugged", it was a HUGE plate with all of the vegetarian side dishes and appetizers on the menu. My carnivore friends were jealous.

06-21-2010, 03:30 PM
I enjoyed the California Grill, the chef prepared a dish he called "Vegetables Unplugged", it was a HUGE plate with all of the vegetarian side dishes and appetizers on the menu. My carnivore friends were jealous.

Out of curiosity, did you let them know prior to arrival about being vegetarian, or did you just walk up and tell them upon arrival?

07-19-2010, 09:46 PM
Sorry I just saw this now... I have annotated all my ADRs with the note that I'm vegan. I don't want to end up eating plain salad! That said, there is a vegetarian option on just about every TS menu... but some restaurants are more veg-friendly than others.

07-20-2010, 09:50 AM
My sister is vegetarian and when we went in March she ate just as well as I, the carnivore, did if not better. Her very favorite meal was at Coral Reef and had the lobster ravioli (she does eat fish occasionally). For counter service she devoured the veggie burger at Cosmic Ray's, she said it was the best she's ever had and the fixings bar had even more veggies to put on top that made the meal very filling. She also enjoyed the veggie panini at Backlot Express and there are usually vegetarian egg rolls at the carts in Adventureland (they made a great light supper in the evening). When we had breakfast at Norway she made a feast off the cold buffet with fresh berries, yogurt and pastries. When the waitress asked about preferences for the hot plate we mentioned she was vegetarian. We assumed I would just take the bacon and sausage (she's not picky about eating off the same plate as meat) but our server actually brought out two HUGE plates- one with the meat for me and another meat-free one for her! Usually a party of two would only get one plate.

I agree with many other posters that Disney is extremely accommodating for any dietary need. I have a food allergy and was able to talk to the servers and chefs to make sure they were able to leave certain ingredients out of a dish or make me something different. I have friends who have Celiac disease, keep kosher, have egg allergies, etc. and as long as you can give the restaurant a little advance notice they can pretty much be flexible with anything.

Happy eating!:mickey: