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03-19-2007, 05:16 PM
We own at BCV but waited to make summer reservations due to the kid's schedule.

We were not able to get into BCV (exept for 2 nights in a studio) and I think I am going to change the entire trip to a one bedroom at OKW.

OKW seem so relaxed and this is just what I need!!

All the reviews I read are positive-is the only bad thing the proximity to the parks.

The BCV is great for walking to Epcot but if you were not able to do this...do you think the resorts are comparable?

I also want to know about the pool-especially the children's area. What is there other than a baby pool for the little ones?

Thanks sooo much!

03-19-2007, 06:48 PM
OKW has a nice main pool with a sandcastle themed slide. It has a depth of about 4 feet. It has a jacuzzi, an area with small water sprinklers, and a sand box with some sand toys.

We enjoyed OKW. The bus service was good. We always seemed to luck out with a room next to the bus stop. There was a little drive to everything, but nothing too major. I enjoyed the fact that the OKW bus stop was always near the entrance-after a long day, it was nice not having to walk any extra!!

I also like the fact that in the 2 bedroom, they had 2 queen beds in the 2nd bedroom (king in 1st bedroom) OKW seems very spacious; and that can be great when you just want to chill out from the parks!

Enjoy your vacation!:mickey:

Maleficent's Dad
03-19-2007, 07:12 PM
The BCV is great for walking to Epcot but if you were not able to do this...do you think the resorts are comparable?
Comparable? That's a tough way to phrase it. You can't really compare the two resorts, other than the fact that they are both DVC resorts.

First off, OKW is large - I'm talking a huge resort. Whereas BCV are situated within one building with elevators, OKW is spread out over (what seems to be) hundreds of buildings meandering through waterways, golf fairways, and roads. Very few OKW buildings have elevators.

OKW villas are large on the inside as well. This is a major plus! :thumbsup: The villas blow away all the other DVC in regards to space. You'll love the 1 BR (or larger) as the kitchen is a great size.

As for park proximity... Nothing can really beat the BCV. I mean - seriously - you're five minutes to EPCOT, less than 10 to the BW, and 15 to MGM. And they are all easily done on foot! Well... you could walk 15 minutes in OKW just to get to the Hospitality House! Don't despair! Their bus service is more than adequate - and has been much improved over the past few years. They even have an internal bus running around the resort. So you have a slightly longer bus ride to the parks - you'll be able to relax and rest more once you get to your large accomodations!

I also want to know about the pool-especially the children's area. What is there other than a baby pool for the little ones?
The pool is a nice size, but the main pool isn't as kid friendly as some others in WDW. There's no zero entry, and no real shallow end. The main pool has a nice sand castle slide. The kiddy pool is a circular shape and surrounded by large sand castle themed items. There is a large sandy play area and playground nearby.

The best thing about the main pool is that it is in a great area - along a "mini-boardwalk" area if you will. There's a take out window (Goods to Go), a small bar (Gurgling Suitcase), the arcade, and the Community Hall (great resource for so much - BCV unfortunately don't have a Community Hall). Next to the main pool area, you'll also find the tennis and basketball courts.

Oh, and if anyone's a golfer, it's close to LBV Golf Course which meanders through the resort! :golf:

OKW is loads of fun. Good luck and have a great and relaxing time!

03-19-2007, 09:12 PM
WOW!! Thanks sooo much for the info! I cannot wait to get there.

My only concern is the pool. My daughter age 6 is still learning to swim and is very timid around water. Is the entire pool 4 foot or is there at least and area of 3 ft so she can touch and swim around.

The one things she keeps saying about going back to WDW is that she loved the zero entry pool at the Poly because she can touch!

Anyone know the depths in the pool??

Maleficent's Dad
03-20-2007, 03:49 PM
Anyone know the depths in the pool??
There is an area over by the slide that has steps leading into the pool. I can't give you an exact depth, but it probably goes from 3.5-4 feet as an estimation.
Lots of young kids hang out at the steps.
If you go to the Community Hall, they'll rent you (for free!) noodles or a life jacket for the day. :mickey:

03-28-2007, 09:18 AM
If you want to chill out and relax then OKW is the place. The rooms are much bigger than the other resorts. The bus service is great, this resort is probably one of the more centrally located resorts, so the time to get to any of the parks is about the same - maybe a little longer for AK. You can also jump on the ferry service to get to and from DTD. The main pool does have the steps going into the pool near the slide and each cluster of buildings has its own quiet pool! We love to get a first floor room, seems everytime we do we have extra guests visiting in the morning,a rabbit or two, ducks! Its a very pleasant and relaxing resort!

03-30-2007, 10:39 PM
We stayed at OKW this past January with a party of 12. We got a 2 BR and a studio since the points were right. We really enjoyed it. We had a short walk to the main pool (the kids loved it) and right around the corner from us was another small pool and the bus stop. The main pool has a kiddie pool and play area for the younger ones. The 2 BR was larger than SSR, which was nice for our family. We really love the BC, but I would stay at OWK again.:thumbsup: