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02-21-2007, 10:38 AM
Okay, I know there are at least a handful of WWE fans out there based on a previous thread. What I want to know, is whether anyone is planning on watching Wrestlemania this year?

Also, how do you feel it is shaping up? What are your predicitions? Which matches are you most looking forward to?

Remember we're on a family site, so please don't go nuts on each other and be tactful about any adult related themes that are associated with pro wrestling these days.

Here are the announced matches so far:

(c.) Batista vs. Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship
(c.) Cena vs. HBK for WWE Championship
Umaga w/ Vince vs. ? w/Donald
Money in the Bank: Edge, CM Punk, ?, ?, ?, ?

02-21-2007, 11:42 PM
:cloud9: love wrestlemania time. dh and i allways have a party that is just as big as a superbowl party since it is the superbowl of wrestling!! so far i like all the matches. would love to see taker and michaels each win the belt. also i want to see vince get his head shaved!!!! :)

02-21-2007, 11:46 PM
i havent purchased a PPV for awhile...
Batista...well hes big but not that talented.
they may give it to Undertaker for a final run before he retires
HBK so get it again for his workrate...Cena wasnt that long ago he wasnt too over..once again could be HBKs last time
Umaga...they are pushing him. from what i read he will face Lashley since Hulk apparently wont b around...ugh.
not really hyped about much of it.

02-22-2007, 01:02 PM
I read something about Lashley too, but we'll find out for sure Monday. In any case, I don't think that thtere is any chance that Trump will get a hair cut. Vince is willing to do anything for ratings, so I suspect it will be McMahon that gets clipped. Ever since losing his first match to Cena, Umaga is no longer a guarunteed win.

As for the two main event matches, I don't know why, but I expect both titles to change hands, but admit that anything can happen. They could put over Batista BIG by having him break Taker's undefeated Wrestlemania streak. I hope not, because at this point I feel UT should retire with that streak in tact some day. They could cop out with a dq on Batista and preserve both, but that would be another disappointment. If they go that way, I'd like to see them turn Batista into a monster heel.

Anyone else? I know you are out there! :lurk:

Red Randal
02-23-2007, 06:50 PM
Just a note for everyone. We need to be careful not to post spoilers or, at least, tag them if we do. Just be mindful of people who don't read Smackdown spoilers and things of that nature.

I've seen every Wrestlemania live since #11 and this year will be no exception. I'll be having a big party for it, like always. I find that buy ordering pizza and buying a case of beer my non-wresting fan friends manage to still enjoy themselves. :beer:

Unfortunately, I don't think this is going to be the greatest Mania card by any means.

Undertaker matches are only as good as the person he is fighting and Batista is certainly not the person to carry 'Taker to a great match. If they keep it short and kind of garbagey (with chairs, tables, etc.) it has a chance to be good. Of course, any Undertaker Wrestlemania is match is intensified by the streak and this one will be twice as intense with the title on the line. Which is pretty much what they're going for anyway.

On the other hand, Shawn Michaels is the right guy to carry Cena. Detroit is close enough to Canada that Michaels is likely to get booed. But I can also see the opposite happening and Cena getting booed out of the building again. I think people are going to be rooting for nostalgia runs for Undertaker and Michaels.

Umaga is the wrong person to put into the Donald Trump/Vince McMahon feud. A match like this, if the intention is to get mainstream media coverage, needs to have two guys who people have actually heard of. Which is why I think the original plan was to involve Hogan. Of course, I can't really think of many people on WWE's roster besides Cena who anyone outside of wrestling fans have heard of.

I think it's awesome that CM Punk is in the MITB match. I don't know why Edge is there since a match with Orton seemed more likely but whatever.

As for the rest of the card:
ECW Originals vs. New Breed in an extreme tag match of some kind seems likely.

I thought that a ladder match between London/Kendrick, The Hardyz, MNM, and another team (Deuce & Domino? WGTT? Crime Time?) was likely but I guess not since we already have a MITB ladder match.

Randy Orton needs to be in there somewhere. And we'll probably see stuff involving Chris Benoit, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, Chavo Guerrero, and Great Kahli.

We'll see how things shape up in the weeks to come.

02-24-2007, 12:35 PM
I think there's a lot of potential this year:

Batista vs Undertaker will feel big enough that Batista's in-ring deficiencies will become irrelevant, making a 'Taker win a satisfying ending to the show.

Michaels vs Cena will be good. I'm still not convinced Edge or Orton won't win the MITB and put themself in the match as well (and probably win the title). I'm a Cena fan but he's held the belt long enough, and Michaels will win if it's a two on one.

Umaga match will be much better with the rumoured wrestler than it would have been with Hogan at least.

Edge v Punk v Booker v Orton? v Kennedy? v Jeff Hardy? (Not spoilers, just the sensible additions) will be a great match and a show stealer.

The rumoured Foley v Nitro match is looking less likely now but would be pretty good.

It will be a shame if Mickie James misses off the card just to put Ashley in the match cause they want to promote her.

Benoit v MVP I would say is likely, maybe with Matt Hardy and Finlay for a Fourway. Whichever way MVP is likely to be leaving as US champion which whill definately be entertaining.

The likely ECW Survivor series type match should also be entertaining. Love Burke and think he should be the guy to benefit the most from this.

Actually looking ove this I'm really looking forward to it. Even if it doesn't have enough JERICHO!!

02-26-2007, 07:43 PM
We will see tonight if anything gets added
i actually like the Hall of Fame thing. and another inductee(s) is gonna be named tonight.
so far Dusty Rhodes and Mr Perfect are being inducted this yr.

03-05-2007, 10:45 PM
Jerry the King Lawler was added last wk as a Hall of Fame inductee.
and tonight special ref was added to the Umaga/Lashley match (it needed something)

they teased first. Eric Bischoff appeared briefly to say hi.
then Foley pushing his new book and Vince thought he was the special ref
Shane came out and Vince was happy..but he wasnt the special ref
and a big POP as :beer: Stone Cold appeared
Stone Cold:beer: Stone Cold:beer:
business is about to pick up

03-06-2007, 01:16 AM
:spoiler: :spoiler: omg!!! my dh was a kid in a candy store tonight when stone cold came out!!! he is so excited to see him back on tv even though it will only be for a few weeks. more reasons to get out more countdown to wrestlemania clock out!!! lol!!! :cloud9:

03-07-2007, 11:29 PM
supposedly He got an incredible POP:beer:
at least he gives things some entertainment. i still doubt that i will watch it....will read the results and get the DVD when it comes out maybe.

03-08-2007, 05:04 PM
The card is really taking shape now. It looks to be a decent show, but I'm going to watch it regardless.

Does anyone have any predictions? Who will the belts go to? Who will have their head shaved? Who will win the money in the bank match? Not looking for rumors or spoilers, just opinions.

I believe that Undertaker will win the match, but will he win the title? I'm not sure.

I think Cena will win, but it also wouldn't shoock me to see HBK win, and HHH return feeling left out somehow.

I don't see ANY way that Trump could get his head shaved. NONE. Vince will be bald come April 2.

I think Randy Orton will win Money in the Bank. If he does, it must mean he has shaped up his act from last year.

Also, has anyone picked up Foley's book? I'm reading it now, and I'm enjoying the behind the scenes stuff, but am not so interested in his other tangents.

03-09-2007, 12:19 AM
ok here is my thoughts on wrestlemania. i want to see both titles change but i doubt it will happen. i think taker will win his match and get the title but not hbk. also for money in the bank i am going with a unlikely and gonna say c.m.punk. i think he has alot going for him. vince will lose his hair no doubt in my mind about that. :thumbsup: also i like the ecw old vs new. i gotta go with the old!!! looking foward to a good night of wrestling!!!! :)

Red Randal
03-09-2007, 05:45 PM
I'm thinking Undertaker wins the belt for a nice little nostalgia reign.

Michaels puts over Cena like a pro in the match of the night.

Lashley beats Umaga (perhaps after some shenanigans from Austin, Foley, various members of the McMahon family, etc.)

The ECW Originals will probably beat the New Blood just because that makes the least sense.

I would mark out until Wrestlemania 24 if CM Punk won MITB but I'm not holding my breath. I'm thinking the big win this year goes to Randy Orton (assuming he gets in it.)

And, hey, how about this bit of fantasy booking...
Undertaker defeats Batista to win the title. Batista grabs the belt from the ref so that he could hand it to the Undertaker himself, like a man. Taker reaches for it but Batista pulls back and gives the thumbs down. Right out of the crowd comes Randy Orton and BOOM RKO on Undertaker. Orton hands the ref the briefcase and it's 1-2-3. Streak over, new champion. Batista hands the belt to Orton.

Will that happen? No. But I felt like getting off on a tangent.

And, darthmacho, I just picked up Foley's book and I'm on about page 100. I think its pretty good so far but not as compelling as his other books. The strange, and kind of sad, thing is that I don't even remember much of the period in wrestling he's describing. I remember some of the stuff happening but really not much of it. And that's something that kind of makes reading the book a little annoying. He is describing everything as monumental and it turned out to be something I don't even remember six months later.

Of course, I adore Foley and the book will wind up as one of my all time favorites regardless.

03-10-2007, 08:02 PM
im kinda interested in readin Foleys book. read the first one and liked it.
Undertaker for the last time...he will retire soon after.
HBK...thinking the same or he will put over Cena. he certainly can help Cena put on a good show.
the originals ECW
Money in the Bank...we will see if Orton has gained it back. CM punk has been misused acording to many. the Hardys deserve in it my book but that wont happen.
Kane vs Khali...someone who hasnt been given much vs someone big who cant do anything....welll..id hope for Kane gettin a push for something

Red Randal
03-21-2007, 06:36 PM
There's not much news on this year's show, BUT, the following news broke today...


Wrestlemania AND Disney in one weekend is like my wildest fantasy come true. Maybe we can even get a little Intercot get together down there for next year. :thumbsup:

03-22-2007, 01:09 AM
wow how awsome is it that wrestlemania 24 will in fact be in orlando!!! :cloud9: ok now time to rearrange my trip again!!! lol!!! i have allways wanted to go to a wrestlemania since i was little so this will be a wonderful trip!!! i can't wait!!!!! :party:

03-22-2007, 12:18 PM
Great Khali vs Kane: Take this match off the card. Khali is terrible, dull, boring, horrible, sad, and pathetic. He doesn't deserve to be in professional wrestling. Have Kane win and end Khali's career.

Money in the Bank: King Booker will win. Edge and Orton will finally begin their feud in this match. They will be too tied up with each other to win the match. Everyone else is not on that high of a plain, other than Kennedy.

Ashley vs Melina: Melina. She has the talent. She has the look. She is evil, she is a heel. Keep the belt on her and build the women's division around her.

The ECW Originals vs New Breed: Come on. Who really thinks the originals will win? RVD is done in the WWE and is just a lowly jobber. Sabu is done. Sandman is nothing. Tommy Dreamer is stuck with this crew, sadly. The New Breed has to win. They are young, energetic, good and can carry the failing ECW. Burke and Cor Von (Monty Brown in TNA) can be top heels for a long time.

Lashley vs Umaga: Lashley wins. Vince, however, sacrifices either Shane or STEPHANIE as the person who gets their head shaved. Think about it. Vince ran with the K-Fed/Britney divorce. He ran with the Trump vs Rosie feud. Vince likes to put his wrestlers into situations that people find funny in real life. BRITNEY SHAVED HER HEAD!! Therefore, Stephanie gets it. True Britney style.

Batista vs Undertaker: My heart tells me Undertaker. Keeps his streak intact, and gives him one final run as champ. However, he always takes a few months off after Wrestlemania. Winning the title requires him to be around. Batitsta wins this match.

John Cena vs Shawn Michaels: Another match where I want to see an old favorite win. Michaels can carry the WWE through the summer as champ. Cena needs a character make over. I am sick of this thug rapper who is a marine? End Cena's reign. Give Michaels one more run, and rework Cena's dull and boring character. Truth is, Cena wins this match.

Red Randal
03-22-2007, 01:11 PM
Interesting idea, GothMickey, about Vince possibly passing off the haircut to Stephanie. I doubt that will ever happen but I know I would pay money to see her shaved bald.

03-23-2007, 01:33 PM
Randal, you know why I say that? Stephanie has been itching to come back for a while now. They need something to start pumping up HHH's return, even though he comes back around August. The story lines take a while to develope, so Stephanie coming back now makes sense. Also, Vince copies real life extreme actions, such as Britney shaving her head. Take the entire storyline building to this match. What did Vince do? He used the Trump/O'Donnell feud to build this storyline. Would it shock you if Vince copies Britney now? I know I wouldn't be shocked. Also, When Shane came out to tell Vince the Board voted against them, Vince, before calling out Shane's name said: "And with the good news, my son, Steph, SHANE!!" So, he slipped. Makes me wonder is Stephanie is going to be part of this. Also, a little secret. Guess who is responsible for getting Austin back for this match? You guessed it. STEPHANIE!!!!

Red Randal
04-02-2007, 12:05 AM
So, did anyone watch tonight? This thread kind of died in the last week or so.

I thought it was overall as good of a show as it was going to be. The Battle of the Billionaires was entertaining garbage. Trump showed why he was not physically involved in the feud much more than he was by taking the worst looking stunner ever.

Money in the Bank was a fun garbage match with good entertaining spots (Hornswaggle gets the Kenton, Edge almost dies thanks to Jeff Hardy) and some other cool stuff you don't usually see (Matt threatening Sharmell to get Booker to climb down, Kennedy holding Punk's head down so instead Punk kicks him off, the spear to counter the ladder on the shoulder spot.) Plus the right guy absolutely went over.

The two main events delivered. Taker/Batista was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. Taker gets to keep his streak and get one last run with the gold. Michaels/Cena started slowly but had a really great ending sequence that had me marking out with no idea who would win. I was disappointed with the inevitable STF for the finish but otherwise satisfied with the match as a whole.

Was it a great historic show that will be remembered years down the road? Of course not. But it was a thumbs up for what it was.

As for next year...Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando. I'll be there. I'm already counting down the days!

04-02-2007, 10:27 PM
well wrestlemania has come and gone. me,dh,and ds thought the show was allright. it was not the best but it could have been worst. for me the best match was money in the bank. the worst was kane/kahli. now we are watching raw and it has been pretty good. ready to see cena/michael #2 :thumbsup: