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06-09-2001, 07:25 PM
Got my virtual Guinness, virutual churros and . . . if I look out the window, close one eye and hit myself on the head with a dictionary, that puddle could look just like the Contemporary pool.

Well, our compadres are in the midst of the very first event of the meet. Since they're chatting and enjoying themeselves . . . I thought we could too.

I'll throw out the first topic . . . How old were you when you first went to WDW and, what were the circumstances?

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06-09-2001, 07:57 PM
Oh gosh Gary..

I was a Disney virgin until 1994 when we took our first family trip... http://www.intercot.com/boards/embarass.gif

Which would have made me a very young 30 something http://www.intercot.com/boards/wink.gif

We were typical newbies!..We stayed at the Dixie Landing Resort...We've gone every year since...

What about you?? http://www.intercot.com/boards/smile.gif

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06-09-2001, 08:01 PM
I was twenty three. I went with my then girlfriend. However, that didn't ruin my trip! It was kind of a cleansing thing for me. My mother had died a year earlier and I just needed to get away. I scrimped and saved for a trip and decided on Disney World for no real reason. To say that it was life altering would sound corny, but it was! Going there and "rediscovering" my childhood has really had a profound effect on my life. I'm a much happier person now!

We stayed at All Star Sports and had a fantastic time, despite the side trip to the acute care center for my then girlfriend (long story . . . she was always having something happen).

Hey beth! What about you? Can someone pass the margaritas?

Gary(aka dpamac)
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06-09-2001, 08:49 PM
One churro and two margaritas for me please. (I was thoughtful enough to order one for you too Gary.)

My first trip was I believe in 1982. I was either three or just shy thereof. My parents and my grandparents took my brother, my oldest cousin, and me. I don't remember much of that trip. Except that the Big Bad Wolf tried to kiss my cousin during the parade. And that It's a Small World used to be very very pink inside.

Anyway, although I don't remember the trip much, it will always be very special to me for a very sad reason. As I told the mods a little while ago, I was either in Disney World or on my way there when I received the news that each of my grandparents (the ones that took me) had passed away. My grandmother during my Grad night in 1997 and my grandfather just two weeks ago.

So now, every time I visit, for both happy and sad reasons, I will always think of the two of them. (Sorry for such a sad post so early in the party...but it's a happy one too, in a way.) Party on. http://www.intercot.com/boards/party.gif

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06-09-2001, 10:11 PM
My hero. http://www.intercot.com/boards/smile.gif She gave me a churro.

I didn't think it was totally sad. Your grandparents and WDW are two things you think of together. Disney is totally tied to my mom. My whole trip I thought, "She would have loved this!" (She was my best friend in the world! If only I had known how great WDW is when she was alive.) So, whenever I'm there, I feel like I'm close to my mom again. Strange, but it makes me feel very warm inside. http://www.intercot.com/boards/smile.gif

Gary(aka dpamac)
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06-09-2001, 10:13 PM
I'd just like a drink... something tall and something strong please... I'm talked out at the moment... so can I just drink and talk later please?

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06-09-2001, 10:25 PM
Great topic, Gary! http://www.intercot.com/boards/smile.gif And I'll have a churro, if you don't mind!

I know this is going to sound bad, but I don't remember my first trip!! http://www.intercot.com/boards/embarass.gif If you want to get technical, my parents were at WDW in '72 while I was still in utero (I have pics my mom gave me), so maybe that was when my addiction started! http://www.intercot.com/boards/supergrin.gif But I have so many memories of my dad taking us to WDW when I was little - my siblings and cousins, or just us and friends - it was always so much fun. I was born an hour plus from WDW and I still have relatives in Melbourne, so we were forever traveling down there. We never stayed on property or ate at the "sit down" restaurants (my first time for that was in 1997!), we just went and did as much as we could until the park closed. I was really into it about the time EPCOT opened, so that's always been my favorite park, for sentimental reasons and because it's the coolest. http://www.intercot.com/boards/smile.gif I have gone back whenever I could, took all my friends in middle school and high school. I just can't stay away!!

Anyway, I'm rambling!! http://www.intercot.com/boards/shy.gif Next!!

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06-09-2001, 10:28 PM
It was 1977 when the ticket-book was still in effect.

We were able to thwart the http://www.intercot.com/boards/devil.gif dolls attempt at 'Pod People' not knowing about the secret lab dealing with 'Mind Mushing'

Excuse me, need to call the exterminators. There seems to be scampering in my air- ducts.

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06-09-2001, 11:43 PM
moof all come running in , apologizing for being late

and handing out Huge Frosty Mugs of Rootbeer,

Bowls of frips & another round of Churros for everyone.

Thanks dpamac, for starting this thread we

can only play just so much Disney Trivia II.

OK Our frist trip to the world was the first trip

for all the moof. The littlest moof was only

2.5 years old in June of 1994 & we had been

trying to get reservations for several weeks

and getting the "we are all booked up, care to

come in September" line, till we finally just

got in the van & took off. It was 9:30 PM CST

and we arrived the next day about 2:00 PM EST

our slowest time to date. We found our way to

the CRB, as we are all Islanders at Heart, and

made our way through a sea of people,

remember it is June 22nd. so they were not

very busy at all!!!! Well we ask the CM if

they had anyrooms on the Ground Floor. They ask

for our reservation # and look at us in what we

thought was a somewhat skeptical manner when

we told them we did not have any. So long story longer

the cm asks how long did we plan to stay and

we said oh 5 to 7 days & the cm calls on the

phone and comes back and says OK there is a room

on the ground floor available for 7 days, We say

great may we see the room please, this time we are

sure there was some eye rolling & the CM says no but

you may go look at the location. So we go look

at the Room then go to quick check the other just

off site Hotel to see if we might rather stay there,


Anyhoo after getting lost and ending up in the

subdivisions South of Seaworld, & checking the

Comfort Inn across from the Crossroads, we made

our way back to the CRB and asked if the room was still

available. It is now about 5 oclock so we got

even more funny looks & a room in the same building,

but on the second floor now. We moved downstairs the

next day. We were able to keep adding days to our stay

till it had been 14 days and we were going to stay

one more day but they said that were out of space

the last time we called for more days. In summation

it was Crowded, Hot as an oven & we had the times

of our lives, DD still laments the loss of the

Mickey Revue in toon town. Are we going to do

Second Trips as soon as every one gets their first one

posted here? We did much, much better with that one!!!

moof thanks everyone for listening and passes out

mickey bars to everyone for dessert, tops off the

drinks & refills the Frips bowls.

L . TTFNFm moof

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Michael Darling
06-09-2001, 11:50 PM
Well, I'll be chatting here till tuesday when I trek on down to Lake Buena Vista!

Uh... First time at WDW I was 3. It was around 1986. I accadentently hurt Mickey (another long story). Uh, Waiter!

--Michael Darling

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06-09-2001, 11:57 PM
Sorry I'm late...so I'll guess I've got some catching up to do.

Even though not to WDW, my first Disney Trip was in 1970 to Disneyland, back in the old Ticketbook days.

Didn't go to WDW until 1990...our first family vacation. We chose WDW on a recommendation of a friend who goes every year and now so have we.


Hey Gary....could I have another margarita?


Okay, back to the story...like the others, going to WDW wakened the inner child in us. We begin planning the next trip as soon as we get home.

This year is the hardest of all because we aren't able to go....so we're just taking 2 years to plan for the trip next year.

Ooooo my churros are getting cold....I better let someone else talk.

Who's next?

http://www.intercot.com/boards/grazy.gif:animatesmile: http://www.intercot.com/boards/grazy.gif

...the most wonderful things about Tiggers, is I'm the only one.

Ray(aka TiggerRPh)
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06-10-2001, 01:28 AM
It was 1995 and i was 10. It was my mom, my dad, and me, and we stayed off-site at like a Holiday Inn. We went to the MK and Epcot(one day each) and i've been hooked ever since.


06-10-2001, 02:19 AM
Hey Chaps, sorry I was sooo! late for the meet. You guys were partying when I was in bed http://www.intercot.com/boards/embarass.gif Am I going to keep missing these meets??????
I first went in 1988, my father was over in Philly on business and my mother and I had travelled with him. He had saved some time at the end of the trip to travel and we went to Orlando for 4 days. We stayed at the Wyndham Palace.( It was the Buena Vista Palace at the time). My mother fell in love with the place and we went back the following year and most years since. We sometimes go with friends and sometimes just the 3 of us; sometimes on-site, sometimes off-site but we always have a great time.

Now here's a moral dilemma for you Gary. Are you going to give me a Guinness -or do I have to have a coke? http://www.intercot.com/boards/biggrin.gif http://www.intercot.com/boards/wink2.gif I guess I should be serving, I work in a Country Pub/Restaurant when I am not at Uni.Its a little bit like the Rose and Crown but our food is better. Sadly you can't see ROE no matter where you sit http://www.intercot.com/boards/blue.gif


06-10-2001, 06:23 AM
Sorry I'm late too, time differences!!

My first trip was in 1989 when I was 12 with my parents and my sister who was 10. We stayed at the Grovesnor and had a wonderful time!

The most vivid memory I have is of my mum and dad letting us have a couple of hours on our own in the parks. At the MK my sis and I must have ridden 'Dreamflight' (RIP) at least 10 times, we loved the bit when you went through the tunnel and it felt as if you were turning over. At Epcot we were obsessed by Horizons (RIP, sniff) and always squabbled over which way we were going to come home! My parents spent those two hours at Epcot sitting on the terrace at the Rose and Crown - which then I thought was soooo boring, now I'm an adult I understand!!!

Good topic starter Gary, it's bought back great memories. I'll have a pint of the black stuff and a churro http://www.intercot.com/boards/smile.gif

Oh and Rhetoric, I think it's okay if I give you the booze, then Dpamac wouldn't have to break any (virtual) laws!


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06-10-2001, 06:53 AM
Sorry I'm late...was out at the Christmas Tree Shops with my mother and daughter last night until 10:00...

My first time was in 1980 after I graduated high school (oops, probably just revealed my age!). Our main purpose of going to Florida was to watch some spring training games. While we were there, we "stopped in" on Disney. We were only there for two days but we did a lot because it was just two teenage girls, wanting to see it all. We stayed at a Days Inn on the main road there. On that trip, I realized I should probably be living in Florida but I wasn't ready to leave my hometown.

A few years later in 1989, February 10th to be exact, my then-boyfriend came to me with "good news." He said that this year because my birthday and and Valentine's were so close together, he wanted to do something special that he would probably only do once in his lifetime. Since I had been waiting for "the ring", I almost started crying. I couldn't believe my wait was almost over. He popped the question alright, "Would you like to go to Disney with me." I cried..and they weren't happy tears! Well, we went to Disney (stayed off-site) and I kept waiting for the real question. Needless to say, the trip was somewhat spoiled for me because I kept waiting for nothing. I then started to realize it was time to move on. But on April 28th, he popped the question out of the blue explaining he wanted it to be an ordinary day, not my birthday, Valentine's day, etc. I quickly made the plans and we were married in November. All future family trips have been made in November to celebrate our anniversary (almost 12 years now). We have taken off the birth years of our children (1991, 1994, 1996) but have been every other year. Once we started staying on site, we never stopped (All Stars). This year we are going Deluxe...while the kids are still young, I want them to have the great memory of seeing the castle from our resort room (if I have the luck!) and being real close to everything. This will be our last November trip for awhile as my son will be entering middle school next Fall and we don't feel comfortable taking him out of school then. So our next trip after this year will probably be February of 2003 (2/2004 if we can hold out) so we are trying to make this trip extra special.

Geez, talk about rambling....!

http://www.intercot.com/boards/shy.gif http://www.intercot.com/boards/rollsmile.gif http://www.intercot.com/boards/shy.gif


06-10-2001, 07:40 AM
Boy! Am I late. Sorry I couldn't be up with you guys last night but for some reason I was sooo tired from my virtual trip I just had to go to bed. Anyways I'm here now with my cup of tea, too bad most of the rest of you are in bed sleeping.

My first trip to WDW was in 1989 when I was 26 years old. My husband and I went and stayed off site. My husband was sure he was going to be bored but he was quite impressed with the landscape in the parks and really had a good time.

My second trip was in 1993 I took my mother and sister (neither of them had ever been there). It was a great time and I'll never forget that trip. We stayed on-site and I'll never stay off-site again if I don't have to.

So what's on the agenda for today? Are we meeting for lunch? or dinner? How about California Grill? Does anybody have any other suggestions?


Nicola Ross
06-10-2001, 08:46 AM
Hi Guys!!

The first time I went to WDW was in 1989, I was 14. I had just had open heart surgery and it was a get well present from my nan and grandad. I had always wanted to go there and believe me, it was the best get well present ever!!

I have now bought into DVC and go at least once a year!!


DVC Member

Next WDW trip - not soon enough !

06-10-2001, 08:58 AM
Jiminy Cricket, am I too late for Darling's Mickey Bars?

My first trip was in '79 when I was 2. I don't remember it, but throught the magic of 1979 technology (8mm video w/ no sound) I got to see myself getting my first disney souvenier... a 5" mickey doll, which since I couldn't pronounce Mickey, I named Kickey... I still have it, albeit rather delapitated-- 1 eye, 1 ear and 1/2 a nose (my dog used to love to eat stuffed animals noses, I coud never figure that out.)

Oh, and thanks for rubbing it in Michael. you get best of both worlds - Virtual and Real. http://www.intercot.com/boards/tongue.gif Still planning your protest at JIYI?

"You're not burned, you've just got a healthy glow" -S.I.R. o

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06-10-2001, 09:14 AM
Since it's morning now I'll just have an OJ.

My first trip to disney was just 2 years ago when we took our first "real" family vacation with our kids. I had always wanted to go before but could not convince MickeyMark it was ok for adults to visit WDW without kids. Since we had the required rugrats I was able to talk him into stopping for a day which ended up turning into 4 days.
I couldn't help but cry at my first sight of the castle! I had finally made it!!
The wonderful thing is that MickeyMark is now just as hooked and there is no other place we'd rather venture these days. We've been back 3 more times since that first trip. Next visit planned for Feb 2002 and we can't wait! http://www.intercot.com/boards/smile.gif

Jill,aka MickeyMom
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06-10-2001, 11:47 AM
http://www.intercot.com/boards/eek.gif I'm super late here... http://www.intercot.com/boards/embarass.gif OJ and a churro for me please... http://www.intercot.com/boards/tasty.gif

Wasn't able to check the boards yesterday. http://www.intercot.com/boards/blue.gif

Anyhoo.... My first trip to WDW was in December of 1994 when I was 28...

Went to meet my then boyfriend, now husband, that I had met on-line earlier that year. He lived there at the time. So, it was a two fold trip, to see him and to go to WDW for my first time after being such a Disneyland girl all my life...

It was a fabulous trip, although I wish that someone would have told me that you don't need to bring jeans and sweatshirts to Florida at Christmas time... http://www.intercot.com/boards/sarcblink.gif

Had to buy a whole new wardrobe to get me through the trip... http://www.intercot.com/boards/supergrin.gif

Can't wait to go back!!!

Tracey AKA iz...

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06-10-2001, 12:40 PM
LOL! I`m late,but my first trip was in 1993,My oldest brother Michael took myself,Our mom and his son Jeremy and his wife Karen and her 2 sons and her daughter.
We had a great time! http://www.intercot.com/boards/supergrin.gif


06-10-2001, 04:54 PM
Well I'm a full day late but I left the plug for my computer at work Friday night....not enough battery for Intercot time.
First trip actually wasn't until the 25th anniversary...I want to say I was 24 at the time.
My mom and I had actually talked about going for years...and actually my mom was going to suprise us with a trip in 1986(she actually had already made reservations), but my then teenage sister got pregnant..and there went that idea.
So out of the blue my mom says we should go for the 25th and so we did(me,mom, and my neice)
It felt so magical...we stayed at WL..everything was so perfect...and of course I was hooked because I was a disney freak anyway.
The only bad thing that came out of it is that I can't look at other theme parks the same anymore, they all seem so lifeless next to Disney..sure they have more thrillrides...but I'm stuck on that Disney theming. The more I go to WDW, the more I want to go to WDW.

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06-10-2001, 05:38 PM
WOW! I'm late! My monitor broke, and I've been computerless for two days! http://www.intercot.com/boards/eek.gif

My first trip was when I was 1. We stayed at the Contemp (although I don't remember it (I wonder why) so I can't say I stayed there, althgouh I really did). I have pictures. It's hilarious!

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Ms Mouse
06-10-2001, 05:45 PM
My first trip was in 1994, I was 13 and my parents and I stayed at Port Orleans which was a tradition until I was old enough to go by my self. Now I prefer to stay at the All Star resorts and spend the extra money in the parks! Recently I went to with my boyfriend, it was his first time and I think I have converted him http://www.intercot.com/boards/ksmile.gif My next trip will be June 26 - July 1 and I am going with a friend, it is her first Disney trip. I love going with newbies,it almost feels like my first time all over again. Since 1994 Disney has become a very large part of my life, hopefully I will be transferring to UCF and will be closer to WDW.

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06-10-2001, 07:53 PM
My very first trip was in the fall of either 1972 or 1973 (have to check the date on the pics). My parents took my brother and I down to Florida for two weeks. We stayed off site since we would be seeing all the sites and spending time with my grandparents who lived in FL.

Cher (aka TheSorcererofFantasia)

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06-10-2001, 09:49 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rhetoric2000:

Now here's a moral dilemma for you Gary. Are you going to give me a Guinness -or do I have to have a coke? http://www.intercot.com/boards/biggrin.gif :wink<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Let's see . . . moral dilemma? You seem to be missing the key mistakes in your question.

1. Give
2. Guinness

Underage, overage, doesn't matter. Have you ever tried to take a Guinness (or any brewed beverage) away from an Irishman?

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06-10-2001, 11:10 PM
My parents took us...72 I think..went to WDW, Kennedy Space Center, Fla Keys...hurricane was happening & a tornado hit Key WEst an hour after we left..lots of rain driving back to PA.......

Mike aka Crow
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