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08-29-2002, 06:47 AM
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Day 4

Another early wake-up and another free breakfast. :D I was in such a good mood this fine Saturday morning for a few reasons. The weather was supposed to continue being perfect throughout the rest of my trip and I was visiting Disney's California Adventure (officially) today. Yeah I had gone for a few attractions before, but I didn't see very much of the park at all...

First off, however, was Disneyland since the park opened two hours earlier than DCA. I took a fast-paced but leisurly walk to Indiana Jones only to find it broken. :mad: OK fine. I then took a slightly faster walk through Frontierland to Fantasyland. It was interesting to see that I was the only guest on this path. Everyone seemed to be in Tomorrowland for the pin-opening event or Adventureland for Indiana which was broken. On my way over to Fantasyland I took a detour and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad since there were only a few people on the trains. It was a good way to wake me up!

I enjoyed my serenity as the loner guest and arrived in Fantasyland even happier than before. I rode Peter Pan without a wait, but decided to change my plan and do some Disneyland attractions I hadn't done before. Today was going to be, for the most part, a "new attractions" day. tongue.gif I took on Star Tours, which I hadn't rode yet, in Tomorrowland. While the ride is exactly the same as in Florida, Florida's queue line is much more interesting. I found California's very bland. After Star Tours I walked around the new pin-trading shop and checked out the build-a-pin pins. graemlins/crazy.gif I really enjoyed some of what I saw. I didn't have time to buy, though, since I needed to hurry on up before DCA opened.

I went to Adventureland again to see if Indiana was open, and they could only tell us it would be down "for a reasonable amount of time" which I took to mean until the afternoon. I instead took an adventurous tour on the Jungle Cruise. The skipper was very tired and obviously wanted to work on a different attraction. :( It wasn't all that fun of a ride. (I tried to be optimistic since I was having such a good morning by saying the scenery was worth the trip...... :rolleyes: )

08-29-2002, 06:50 AM
DCA was set to open in 45 minutes, so I still had time to kill before then. I hadn't seen Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln which was why that was next on my agenda. Despite what most people told me about it, I enjoyed it! I thought the content was original and the speech Mr. Lincoln gave was very moving. I know I hadn't seen him stand-up before the attraction changed, but seeing him sit-down was VERY surprising and lifelike. graemlins/smokin.gif

It was now time for Disney's California Adventure. I was actually pretty nervous walking across the esplanade to DCA. I was hoping I would like the park. I came to find they had already opened the gates (it wasn't quite 10:00 yet) and one or two attractions were already open! :eek: This was never mentioned on Intercot West.... :(

Even though the line was already 45 minutes long, I got in a ride on Soarin' Over California in about 5 minutes thanks to my rightful and legitimate single rider pass. graemlins/shakehead.gif I still couldn't believe people were already cheating the system this early in the morning.

Soarin' was wonderful, just like it had been on Thursday, and I was ready to do another favorite. And, just like Thursday again, I decided to take in some Muppets. I laughed my butt off again. I'm such a sucker for the Muppets. They can do the same routine over and over and I would laugh each and every time. I especially love the area which their in, Hollywood Backlot. I think it is very well-themed although a little small.

I headed down Paradise Pier to ride California Screamin. The ride is amazing and I was so happy to be on a coaster which had some length to it. The seats needed some cushioning, however, since my back was slammed against the seat during the blast and brakes. :eek: The music on the ride adds a lot to it, and I was shocked to find them with so many trains on the course at a time! It's a long coaster with music and high capacity - my kind of coaster!

Paradise Pier left much to be desired. The cheap carnival look to it did not entertain me at all, and those that say "it's well themed since it's supposed to look cheap" need to wake-up and smell the budget. :rolleyes: I was not amused by this area and went straight to the Sun Wheel. The Sun Wheel's inner gondolas are a little more intense and scary than I expected. They don't just swing a little, they swing big time! I was utterly shocked while I was on and was holding on for dear life along with the family that was in with me. None of us felt safe.... :eek:

I decided Sun Wheel was not my favorite of the day, and I moved on to Maliboomer. I didn't like the idea of a scream-guard before going on and I stand by that. The scream-guard blocks off the sounds of the park and distorts your vision. I always love the Power Tower in Cedar Point because of the phenomenal view you are treated to at the top of the tower. I saw a great view of DCA on the Maliboomer - through a window. graemlins/shakehead.gif

08-29-2002, 06:53 AM
Disappointed by yet another ride, I moved on to Golden Dreams. This was a very nice attraction, but I don't see why Californians would want to watch it more than once. :confused: I know I would feel tortured if anyone put me through a movie about Michigan! I liked it however, and it was a nice contrast to the disappointing rides I had recently been on. I had a FastPass for Who Wants to be a Millionaire right after I got out of the movie - this show is very fun, an exact replica of that in Disney-MGM Studios. I was amazed to see me on the top ten list at the end of the game! The contestant was on the 64,000 question too (so it's not as if I got on the top ten for the 100 question... graemlins/crazy.gif ). I was very proud of myself since I am not good with random trivia.

The weather was nice enough to head over to Grizzly River Run next. I received a single rider's pass (SINGLE RIDER pass.... graemlins/nono.gif ) and got on immediately. This is 5,000,000,000,000,000 times better, more brilliantly themed, and longer than Kali River Rapids. What a departure from Kali for Disney. While Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges is still my favorite rapids ride, this is up in my favorites for water rides. I would have loved to see a Grizzly animatronic in the cave, but that didn't happen. I guess the whole "extra attention to detail" philosophy was cut along with the budget for this park... graemlins/mixed.gif

I backtracked to Paradise Pier and rode Mullholland Madness. A typical Wild Mouse coaster. Nothing special - no interesting theming. Another thumbs down for Paradise Pier. I tried to make up for it by a trip on the non-moving red gondolas on the Sun Wheel. Being on a non-moving gondola, however, just made me realize how little you actually move on this ride. The system is too inconsistent and the ride itself is very short. :( Another attraction in Paradise Pier which I could not seem to stamp "worthwhile". Currently, if you have been keeping track, that part of the park has a big ONE attraction which I found entertaining. graemlins/ack.gif

08-29-2002, 06:55 AM
OK, so Paradise Pier lived up to my standards. I was not moved or proven wrong in that section of the park. I did, however, enjoy Grizzly River Run and the surrounding area, and you already know I find the Hollywood Pictures Backlot fun. Lunch wasn't too far around the corner (3:30 reservation) and I walked to Disneyland for my highly anticipated meal at the Blue Bayou. Let me tell you, this does not make the "disappointment" list of the day. graemlins/thumbsup.gif I had a riverside table, which brought back familiar memories of the San Angel Inn, and an absolutely great server. I did cave in and order the Monte Cristo sandwich. No one ever told me how large the portions were! I'm very embarrassed to say I could only eat one half. redface.gif I could only eat half of my pasta salad as well...the taste was top-notch and the service was equally grade A. My drink cup had a leak in it and my server immediately took it away and sliced it off my bill. I hate when problems arise, are fixed, and are not paid for by the restaurant. I like to see good customer service like fixing the problem and fixing the bill. ;) He also brought me out four different sauces for me to try (I never asked) after I told him I had never had the sandwich before and was looking forward to it. I enjoyed all of the sauces and left a pretty hefty tip.

I decided I was in Disneyland only to eat and painfully left the park. I cheered up when I walked into the Animation attraction, however! MY GOSH this attraction was amazing. I sat in the lobby for about a half an hour just watching and listening. This room has gigantic screens (some are absolutely huge and some are just big - the sizes ranged) with different artistic drawings from a certain Disney animated film. The music playing was a song from that part of the film, and the lights on the walls and floor changed according to the mood of the movie. There were some screens with video on them, but most had different stills from the movie. They lasted for about a minute and changed to another scene from a different movie. This continues on and is truly mesmerizing. I also enjoyed both movies and each walk-through attraction. Brilliant! (By the way, I took a quiz from a talking book and found I am most like Woody from Toy Story. :cool: )

It was almost time to see Eureka, the day parade, which I wanted to see. Although I normally dislike day parades and I didn't know too much about this one (it isn't talked about much), I knew it was more contemporary like Tapestry of Dreams so I felt obligated to try something new. I really enjoyed it! It thoroughly entertained me and the music was especially enjoyable. I don't know why this isn't talked about more since it was such a creative parade.

I took a peek at It's Tough to Be a Bug which has a pretty dull queue line. I missed the Tree of Life carvings while I walked through the line! The ride is 100% the same and nothing is changed. I still found it witty and comedic, though!

I went to see BLAST, which is in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot in the Hyperion Theatre. I have seen the touring production and this version did not let me down. The Hyperian Theatre in DCA is absolutely gorgeous! I was stunned to find out that it has ZERO restrooms, however. The CMs told me they had plans to add some in the future, however, so they could bring in touring productions or concerts. They didn't originally put them in so audience members had no reason to leave their seats, though. I still think that large of a professional theatre needs restrooms. Restrooms or not the show was great.

To spare your lives (THANK YOU, you say) I am just going to skip to the night-time activities. Between BLAST and the night-time activities I went back to the Animation exhibit smile.gif , took another ride on California Screaming, and walked around the Redwood Challenge Course area. That's it.

08-29-2002, 06:56 AM
OK now the fun stuff- night! graemlins/clappy.gif

I lined up at around 8:30 for the Disney Electrical Parade in DCA. I was very thrilled to be able to see this parade. Normally I only get to see the electric-light parade in Florida once, since it's difficult to go from one park to another in a short enough time at night. This was neat since I could walk to DCA if I ever wanted to see the parade again. The parade itself was delightful, as always, and it was great hearing the beloved music one more time.

Hurrying over to Disneyland I noticed most everyone else was doing the same...I guess my game plane wasn't very original. We all gathered in a huge group and watched in wonder as Believe...There's Magic in the Stars lit up above Sleeping Beauty's castle once more. I really enjoy this show! I enjoyed it Thursday and I enjoyed it again this night.

When the fireworks finished their last finale, it was not time to see Fantasmic - I was going to do nighttime attractions for tonight and see Fantasmic again later. I heaed for the Jungle Cruise which was so much better at night. I really prefer WDW's version, since it is much longer and has more to the storyline. I was also able to jump on the Haunted Mansion at night which is always better since the scary dark mood is set-up for you before you even enter. And, like Thursday night, I ended the day with a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean.

I slowly left, found my room in the hotel, and immediately fell asleep highly anticipating the next day. graemlins/sleepin.gif

- - -

Overall I enjoyed Disney's California Adventure. I despised Paradise Pier and continue to think Disney wasted a good use of space there, but everything else in that park is pretty nice. Like Animal Kingdom it needs more original attractions. I also realized it was mostly shows, not rides, which I personally was OK with but I can understand why most people wouldn't be.

My favorite attractions of the day were Soarin' Over California and the Art of Disney Animation. Both are top-notch.

- - -

I don't know when I'll get to day 5, but I'll try to make it faster than this one.

08-29-2002, 09:48 AM
Great report!

While I agree with most of your comments on Paradise Pier, I really love the Sun Wheel, especially with first time riders sharing the gondola.

I always find it hard to leave the animation building. I could spend hours sitting htere and watching the clips. (I am either like Belle or Maleficent depending on how I answer the last question).

If you go on to IntercotWest today you will see a discussion on the Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou which specially addresses how huge the portion is.

08-29-2002, 03:07 PM
I once fell asleep on one of the couches in the animation building...it's so relaxing in there. graemlins/blush.gif That is a really great attraction, and sadly, it seems like many people just walk by it.

I agree with the Paradise Pier observation. I think that whole section of the park is lame ...except for CA Screamin' graemlins/thumbsup.gif

I haven't seen the Eureka parade yet, and hope to before it's gone for the season. All I hear are good things about it.

08-29-2002, 05:57 PM
Casey, sorry about your disappointment. It sounds like you did some really good stuff today (Muppets, Animation, Soarin' and Screamin'). graemlins/thumbsup.gif

I could watch Believe...There's Magic in the Stars over and over and not get sick of it. graemlins/mickey.gif

Thanks for another terrific report! smile.gif

08-29-2002, 06:13 PM
Casey, when are you going to see the Billies?? tongue.gif

Thanks for another great report.. :D I think I feel the same way you do about DCA.. It has a few good points, and a couple great rides, but that is about it for me.. I would rather spend my time over at Disneyland.. graemlins/thumbsup.gif

BLAST! was one of my favorite things at DCA.. I could watch that show over and over, and never grow tired of it.. graemlins/clappy.gif

Canít wait for the next installment.. Hope you are typing it now!! ;)

08-29-2002, 07:27 PM
Hey Casey, I give you a lot of credit doing all that by yourself. I am sure that when I go back I might be alone as well, and I am the same way, going fast through everything. I also agree about not wanting to sit through a movie all about Michigan! Too funny. graemlins/crazy.gif Thanks for the great report, interesting to see the differences between WDW and Disneyland and DCA.

08-30-2002, 05:37 PM
I agree, Believe is such a wonderful fireworks display-it made us all teary-eyed when we watched last year.

Hope you got a chance to do Indiana Jones sometimes-I love that ride! :D

Thanks for a great report, Casey! graemlins/muscles.gif graemlins/clappy.gif

08-30-2002, 07:40 PM
What an awesome report, Casey! How cool you got to see the Electrical Parade. I love that parade!!

Thanks for the wonderful details of your day.

08-30-2002, 09:05 PM
Sounds like a long action packed day! Paradise Pier does sound pretty lame though....I'm glad you at least enjoyed the coaster and the rest of the park! The sun wheel sounds scary :eek: That's so cool being able to hop back and forth to see the nighttime shows....pretty cool to be able to see so much after dark....I'm taking it DL doesn't close at 7 like MK does half the time. Thanks for another great report graemlins/thumbsup.gif

08-30-2002, 11:41 PM
Originally posted by MKPlutoGuy:
Hope you got a chance to do Indiana Jones sometimes-I love that ride! :D
See day 2 for that review. smile.gif I can safely say I liked Indiana Jones.

Mel, DL was open from 8am until 11pm Sunday through Thursday and 8am until 12am on Friday and Saturday. DCA was open 10am until 10pm every day. Much better operating hours than any park in Florida! (And to think this time 5 years ago Disneyland was open one hour later everyday during August is saddening.)