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04-30-2018, 04:52 PM
Any idea when they might do this? We will be at HS June 18...wonder if we would get lucky? TIA!

05-01-2018, 12:55 PM
I seriously doubt it .... we were initially leaving June 29th after a full week of fun, then learned of the opening date of June 30th ... we extended a day to get in to see it .... at that, I'm scared it will not open on time due to some craziness behind the scenes .....

05-31-2018, 05:31 PM
Last year we were at WDW the week prior to Pandora opening. Our last day was the day before opening. There was lots of activity and media events happening that week. The actual soft opening took place the 3 days before it opened. Only in the morning though. The evenings were reserved for pre-opening events (media one evening, Boys and Girls Club one evening, etc.) I did see in the week before we arrived that there was a pre-opening event for AP holders and I think DVC members (maybe?). So, there may be events while you are there, but my guess is soft opening is unlikely.

Oh, and just to add. Our bus driver mentioned the soft opening to us. We tried to visit the Thursday evening (we had hoppers) and it was already closed for the day. We arrived Friday morning and when the park gates opened most people went toward Pandora (including us :thumbsup:). The lines for both the attractions reached 5 hours quick, and we were not wasting our last day in lines. So, we walked around to see the beauty of the land. There was a live remote from the morning news shows while we were there. Disney Imagineers were everywhere and were telling us all about the Land. It was a neat experience even though we didn't ride anything.

06-03-2018, 07:47 PM
From Toy Story Mania to Close for Final Toy Story Land Preparations (http://www.intercot.com/discussion/showthread.php?217023-Toy-Story-Mania-to-Close-for-Final-Toy-Story-Land-Preperations)

No concrete information on Public Previews (Soft Openings) for the new land, but if any are offered they would likely be between June 19th and June 27th (between the Toy Story Mania project completion and the media event).

Zippy 1
06-18-2018, 12:23 PM
A soft opening for Toy Story Land is very doubtful at this point in time. They are just starting cast test runs on Slinky Dog coaster. Still a lot of work to be done before opening day in 12 days!