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01-24-2015, 09:29 AM
During the 5k and 10k can you leave the race area to use the restrooms?

For the 5k I know it starts and finishes in the parking lot, but is the rest of the course in Epcot?

I managed to do 5k yesterday at Epcot with lots of rest stops, a few rides and lunch. Started at 9:30am finished around 12:30pm. How long to they give you to finish the 5k during the race?

At least I know I can do the 5k.

Same questions for the 10k.

Any particular type of running clothing? I will be getting a good pair of shoes for sure.

01-24-2015, 09:50 AM
You have to maintain at least a 16 min per mile pace. That would mean that you have about 50 minutes to finish if you are in the last corral. This translates to walking at a speed of at least 3.75 mph. That is a very brisk walk for most.

I consider myself a slow runner and my 5k time is approximately 38 minutes. This is at a continuous slow 5mph run. You do need to be able to either walk VERY quickly or run at least portions of it in order to not be picked up and taken off the course.

You can use restrooms along the course in Epcot. There will be opportunities in world showcase. You cannot really go "off course" and use restrooms that are not adjacent to the running path. In the 10k, there will also be banks of Porta potties in the portions of the race before entering Epcot. There are also Porta potties set up in the corral area for before the race.

As for clothing, choose materials that are lightweight and seamless, like yoga pants, running tights, or shorts. Target has great Champion brand (C9) workout clothes at reasonable prices. For shoes, I like ASICS and Brooks. Best bet is find a running store that can analyze your gait and recommend shoes with appropriate support. There is a store line this in Downtown Disney West Side. It's called Fit to Run.

And as always when attempting an exercise goal that is a new challenge, visit your doctor and let him or her know of your plans and make sure you are fit to undertake such a thing.

At this point, don't focus on running the whole thing. Work up to small intervals of jogging mixed with intervals of walking. That is what I usually do while training.