View Full Version : 5th Park?

01-07-2015, 10:42 AM
I have just seen something online about a 5th WDW Park opening in 2018. Is this true, and would they put the hat from HS over there?
:drama: My DD has been in distress over the hat being moved.

01-07-2015, 11:34 AM
There are always rumors about a fifth park. I doubt the veracity of this one based on all the others that have never happened. It's doubtful at this time, but I suppose it's possible. Certainly not for 2018, though, that seems way too soon.

But I think the hat is gone. They wouldn't move it to become an icon at a new park, as far as I can guess. I believe it's part of the past now.

01-07-2015, 03:45 PM
There have been lots of rumors over the years, but, the latest one is due to a land purchase and the new Marriot out on the west side of the property. Lots of speculation has kicked up because of a lot of property marking/Surveying and Disney talking with the Marriot about some sort of arrangement. There was a RUMOR they had also contacted the county about building permits. It could be anything from a new resort, a park, or merely more buildings for behind the scenes purposes. However, 2021/22 marks a big period in time and the idea of a 5th gate for opening at that time would be plausible. Could be why they are doing so much work in each of the current parks now to upgrade each and make parks like the Studios and AK a full day park rather than a partial. So IF a new park opens the crowds remained balanced. I saw something on a new park in some blog based on the info I noted above. A park bringing in many fo the best attractions from other parks, Primarily Disney Seas. But, Its all rumor and speculation as usual.