View Full Version : Family Fastpass Question

Lynn J Mc
12-23-2014, 09:08 AM
We have 5 people going to Disney. I was able to schedule FPs with no problems. My question is - If I have 5 FPs for Space Mtn and 2 people decide not to ride - can 2 other people use those fastpasses?

12-23-2014, 09:20 AM
Nothing prevents the two people who are not going to ride from loaning their MagicBands (or RFID tickets) to someone else in the family to allow them to ride again using the unused FP+.

Note that because you have to scan your band twice within the FP+ line, you would have to actually have the band in your possession in order to rescan it at the end of the FP+ line.

12-23-2014, 09:37 AM
Or you could schedule a different fastpass for the 2 who don't want to ride that particular ride.

Lynn J Mc
12-23-2014, 10:25 AM
I have actually scheduled other activities for them at Hollywood Studios but nothing at MK that requires scheduling that they want to do. So far I am loving this FP scheduling. I was always the one running all over the parks getting the FPs! Can't wait to go!

12-26-2014, 12:41 PM
A lot of people have been complaining about the new FP+ system, but I love it! Been twice since it started and love it!