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11-11-2014, 09:33 PM
Just got back from the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. While visiting the MK I just loved listening to the Christmas music that they had playing on Main Street and at the Hub. That music reminds me so much of my mother. She loved Christmas. And these versions of the songs were the ones we grew up listening to in the 60s and 70s.

Does anyone know of the artists\group\ensembles\orchestra that is playing these versions of these Christmas songs?

Is it the "Living Strings"?


11-12-2014, 01:16 AM
not sure who it is, but i love the music at Disney.

11-12-2014, 08:38 AM
I agree. The music both at MK and EPCOT is what makes a lot of memories....well memorable. :mickey:

11-12-2014, 10:01 AM
Do they a CD that you can purchase of the music played in MK?

11-13-2014, 02:18 AM
do you mean the Christmas music played at MK?

TTA Mr. Tom Morrow
11-13-2014, 10:19 AM
Many of the stations on Live365 internet radio will play music from the parks and most will play the holiday music. You are able to see who the artist are as well and do research from this. I have been able to download and/or purchase many tunes by listening to these stations.:cool:

11-15-2014, 10:32 PM
Thanks for the advice.

Yeah, I've done more research and have found a couple of the tunes and artists that I've been looking for...

Jingle Bell Rock - HollyRidge Strings
The Christmas Tree - David Rose

The Dad
11-16-2014, 07:26 PM
I'm not sure what "Holiday Music" is, but at the risk of offending a miniscule minority, I refer to it as "Christmas music". Merry Christmas everyone!

11-17-2014, 10:34 AM
Merry Christmas DAD!:thumbsup: