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10-24-2014, 11:00 AM
What rides do you think make the most sense getting FP's on for our upcoming trip over Christmas? (knowing the crowds will be crazy and not wanting to miss a good ride):mickey:

10-24-2014, 12:09 PM
What parks are you going to? Who's with you? Are you into parades/fireworks and willing to give up fastpass for prime seating?

I'm assuming there will be at least 30 minute wait for ALL rides in your case so people who say "I wouldn't fastpass that" should consider that.

Here's my take. Lots of people won't agree with me.

Mission Space
Test Track (if indeed the tiers are gone). If not, we wait. Its an inside queue
Illuminations Special Seating (if I haven't used up my FP)

7 D Mine Train
Prime Seating for Festival of Fantasy
Space Mountain

Expedition Everest
Kilimanjaro Safari

Toy Story Mania (if tiers are gone - if not we skip this most of the time)
Tower of Terror
Star Wars (if I had an extra from TSM)

10-24-2014, 12:32 PM
I always go about picking the rides that will have the longest waits and that I do not want to miss. Of course, we always go for two weeks so we have muliple days in each park and that helps. We also are not parade people so we wouldn't use a FP for those. You need to decide what is important to your family.

At MK:
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - If you haven't tried it yet, this will be the best way to get on.
Big Thunder Mountain - this is one of our favorites so we make sure to FP it.
For our 3rd choice here we alternated it by day. One day we picked Splash Mtn (hot when we went), one day we picked Anna & Elsa, one day Space Mountain.

At HS:
For our tier 1 we pick Toy Story Mania. For our tier 2 we pick Tower of Terror and Star Tours. We sometime alternate our tier 1 for Rockin Rollercoaster.

At AK:
Everest, Safari & Dinosaur

At EP:
Soarin, Spaceship Earth & Malestrom. Granted that means nothing now that Malestrom is closed. My next choice would be the Character Spot or Mission Space. With Spaceship Earth, this is a ride that is busy in the am, but slow later. We got FP for it just because there weren't many options w/ the tiering at EPCOT and the kids LOVE it.

Good Luck!

10-24-2014, 01:50 PM
I think the responses you have gotten so far are pretty good and I wouldn't hesitate to use them if they fit into your families plans.

Here's how I looked at it when I booked mine. If you have the MDE app, look at the attractions over the course of a couple days and see where the longest waits are and compare to what your "can't miss" activities are for your trip. For instance, I would look at the app on a Saturday and Sunday and see what the wait times for Space Mountain, POTC, BTMRR and 7DMT. Since the crowds are much smaller now than at Xmas time, I would double or triple the wait times and use that as a gauge.

I don't think this is 100% accurate method, because a ride might break down and cause a temp inflated wait time (I had the luxury of looking for about 6 months worth of data), but it gave me a good look at crowd distribution now vs my previous trip (like now POTC get pretty busy vs 3 years ago not so much).

Just another idea to kick around. Have a great trip!:mickey:

10-26-2014, 04:05 PM
Just don't waste your time on attractions you don't need one.

I happen to love imagination, and my gf does too, she wanted to get one for that, but there's no real need too.