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04-16-2014, 08:55 AM
The facts:
We will be in WDW for 4 days in late July.
We are a family that visits WDW each year (me, DH, DD11, DD9).
We will have parkhopper passes and are staying onsite (so we can book FP+ 60 days ahead).

The question:
Our visit spans Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We plan on having 3 park days with Tuesday being a rest/water park day. We plan on going back to the hotel from 1-4pm each day.

Help me fill in the blanks! I am having trouble with figuring out how best to use FP+ and what parks would do well in the evenings.
AK is the lowest of our priorities (we could even skip it this trip). We must have a morning in Epcot. We would rather avoid EMH.

Sunday morning:
Sunday evening:

Monday morning:
Monday evening:

Tuesday: rest day/water park day

Wednesday morning: Crystal Palace 8:00am reservation (MK)
Wednesday afternoon:
Weds evening: drive back to relative's house in Tampa

EMH schedule:
Sunday - MK evening
Monday - AK morning, DHS evening

Thanks for any input...

04-16-2014, 11:28 AM
If it were me I would:

Sunday-All day Epcot
Monday-All day Magic Kingdom
Wednesday Afternoon-HS

That's assuming you skip AK

04-17-2014, 10:44 AM
What dates are you going? Look at the hours during your trip. I would avoid going to the park that has EMH that morning. Also since you are going to your hotel every day and have Park Hoppers, I would mix it up a bit and that way you can also do AK.

04-17-2014, 03:52 PM
We just got back & it was pretty crowded....

We did not schedule our 1st passes until at least 10:30. Before then they weren't needed.

The problem is not being able to have fast passes in multiple parks on 1 day so scheduling the midday breaks like we normally do is difficult if you want morning/early afternoon FP.

We did FP at Epcot at night which worked out well, as well as MK or Studio FP in late am to early afternoon.