View Full Version : This FL resident is so ready for "the band". Finally glad we can do FP+ too!

02-06-2014, 07:43 PM
Finally got to do the FP+ this past weekend.
I was there alone and it was nice to have things spread out.

Though I did chuckle that Maelstorm was a 1st choice pick :secret:

And I agree some of silly like the Spaceship Earth and such. But hey why not have it.

I know it's going to work great for us when I go with my special needs son though! Between the DAK and the FP+ it will be better suited for my ASD son because he can see ahead of time the schedule which he very much needs to function knowing when things are going to happen [other than the one at a time DAK times]. So it will be easier to plan out the day for him.

I'm so ready to have our bands though!!!!