View Full Version : MNSSHP merchandise

09-22-2013, 10:41 AM
Okay. We have been going to MNSSHP since 2003 on the years we are able to get to WDW during the Fall. The tickets keep going up and the offerings keep being diminished. We are paying three times the amount for the tickets this year than we did in 2003. There is now only one pin for regular party goers, one for DVC and one for pass holders when there used to be one for each night of the regular ones. No more free photo. The merchandise, mainly the pins and t-shirts, has always been exclusive to the party goers. Now you can buy the party shirts online at Disneystore.com without even going to the parks much less going to the party! I know it seems petty but is there anything special about the parties anymore? With the amount you pay it seems like it would be more exclusve instead of continually being nothing special.:mad: