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03-20-2013, 12:41 PM
Can anyone speak tot this: I was wondering if one could specifically book their trip with any sort of discount or special promotion as a registered runner, during the Marathon weekend 2014? Is this something Disney offers? I'm planning to do the 1/2 and sister is planning to the do the Full. We've gone to Disney many times over Marathon weekend, but I was never a runner, so this thought never occurred to me.

Thanks! :walk:

03-20-2013, 04:05 PM
Make sure you go on the runDisney website (Marathon Wknd in particular) and sign up to get email updates as to when registration will open.

As for discounts, I am not sure about room discounts, but for the Wine and Dine, I did get a notice that they were offering 40% off 3 day park hoppers (or something like that) But you had to call a certain number and there were certain stipulations around when the tickets could be used.

Last year for the Marathon Wknd, if you booked through a runDisney number, I think you could receive a commemorative gift or something. We booked through Magical Journey's so I don't know what the gift thing was.

Anyway, get your email on their list and you will get all this information right to your mailbox! :thumbsup:

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03-21-2013, 10:28 AM
I sent you a message with some info. :mickey: