View Full Version : Best Studio Location at Beach Club?? Recommendations Please!!

Trev&Ev Mom
12-27-2012, 08:42 PM
We are staying at Beach Club Villas in Feb in a studio. We loved the Boardwalk and walked to both Epcot and HS every morning. We've never stayed at Beach Club before. Is there a studio location that will cut down on some of our walk time?

Any room recommendations would be appreciated!!

12-27-2012, 09:38 PM
We were there earlier this month and had room 106. As you enter the BCV from the walkway to the main building, it is in the short hallway to the left, and faces the quiet pool.

Good points:
1) It is close to the building entrance, and right on the ground level.
2) There is a door at the end of this hall that is as close as you are going to get to the bus stop.

1) It is a ground floor room, so you have a small patio instead of a balcony.
2) You have no view of Epcot fireworks from this room.

If you would rather not be on the ground floor, simplest is to request a room near the main elevator. Requesting 4th floor near the main elevator would put you close to the laundry room, which may be a plus since studios don't have washer/dryer. Some rooms near the main elevator have at least a partial view of Epcot fireworks - perhaps someone else will post more info on that.

Pirate Granny
12-27-2012, 11:33 PM
We had wonderful views of the high fireworks, but were almost the last room on the fifth floor, the furthest from anything, except the 'other' elevator...we loved the room. There were two more studios at the end of the hallway past our studio. We wanted top floor...and always took the back way around the bldg to get to EPCOT...easiest way to find the route is to turn left at the smokers area, and the sidewalk will lead you around the building and out the little gate on the main path to EPCOT.