View Full Version : Royal Member Gatherings (at Disneyland)

09-23-2012, 01:07 AM
Just found this out today while visiting the DVC booths at Disneyland. This is from the "invitation" that I was given from my friend Chang at the DVC booth.

Please join us at the Royal Member Gathering

Created exclusively for Disney Vacation Club, this is a regal opportunity to relax, enjoy refreshments and test your knowledge of the kingom! Along the way, there will be fun and surprises...and even a visit from a "favorite Disney pal!"

Mondays 8am
Sleeping Beauty Pavilion
Disneyland Hotel

I had Chang call to find out how long it will be going on. They didn't give and end date. It starts this coming Monday. I am excited since we are finally getting something like a Welcome Home Wednesday. Just wish it was a little later in the day.