View Full Version : Has anyone used points for The Grand Californian in Disneyland?

06-18-2012, 02:40 PM
Hi! We are thinking about using our points for this resort next June, and were looking for any info, especially, if people get wait-listed a lot for this. TIA!!

06-18-2012, 02:45 PM
I've only been waitlisted once, for one night, at the 7 month mark, for GCV and that was Christmas week. The waitlist never came through, but I was able to get the first night booked at the Disneyland Hotel and then move over to the Grand Californian the rest the week. I've stayed there three or four other times, all reserving at the 7 month mark, and have never had an issue getting a studio.

06-18-2012, 03:01 PM
Thanks for the info!! BTW, I love your "quote"! My daughter wanted to be the rebel spy SO bad when we were there but alas.... Nothing!

06-22-2012, 11:00 PM
We did several years ago, Loved the Resort! I really admire Craftsman styling and was in heaven there. You can walk right out of the resort into the California Adventure side. We were there when Pirates II premiered, and I jokingly tease that I slept under the same roof as Johnny Depp :cloud9: