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Mary Chase
04-04-2012, 06:35 PM
Ok - I think I have settled on the Carousel Inn for our DL trip this year.

1) Any opionions on the hotel? I know it's super close to DL and I do like the fact that they have a free continental breakfast. Any opinions on the breakfast?

2) It's possible we'll be taking a super early flight and getting in way before check in. If our room is not available - would it be wrong to assume the hotel would store our bags so we don't have to sit around the lobby with our suitcases waiting to check in? Anyone have any luck calling a hotel and letting them know you are getting in early and asking for an early check in? I guess it's all subject to availability.

Any other info about this hotel would be appreciated. I'll be booking in the next few weeks I think. I like the idea that it's easy walking distance. Looking forward to no waiting for buses like at WDW.

Thanks in advance for any opinions/comments!

04-04-2012, 07:11 PM
Take my views with a grain of salt. It has probably been almost ten years since I have stayed there. I know this hotel has been renovated since our stay.

The breakfast was nothing special, but what I expected and on about the same level as any of the hotels in that vicinity of Harbor Blvd. Fruit, cereal, pastry, juice, coffee.

We checked in, left our bags with the front desk and our car in the parking lot all before our room was ready. The day we left they allowed us to leave our car in the parking lot past the check out time. As far as requesting early check-in, you are probably right that it is on an "as available" basis.

Easy walk to the parks.

04-04-2012, 08:53 PM
We’re heading there in August and I’ve been researching it as well. We’d love to stay on property but, even with our Premier Annual Pass discount, I think it’s still going to be outrageous considering that we’re actually going for a wedding in San Diego. So we need to watch what we spend. I couldn’t believe that, on top of the incredibly high rates, the Disney hotel also charges for parking! That is so wrong! Parking should be included if you pay those rates to stay there!

OK, so, that’s not why you wrote. Sorry. Anyway, we’ve been looking seriously at The Candy Cane Inn (# 3 on Trip Advisor) and The Ayres Hotel (#1 on Trip Advisor, free parking & breakfast [which has good reviews] but you have to ride the shuttle to the parks) . However, more recently, our travel agent has suggested Marriott’s Fairfield Inn. They don’t have free breakfast but it’s located just across the street from the park. Sounds like a very short walk, there’s an Express Pizza Hut at the hotel, and McDonald’s next door… just across the parking lot.

The best thing that I found out about this place is that it rooms have recently been renovated. They do also charge for parking but not as much as the Disney hotels and I won’t mind paying that since we’ll be saving HUNDREDS on lodging by not staying on property. The Fairfield Inn is #22 on Trip Advisor with some good, some bad reviews (mostly regarding Millie’s restaurant and construction noise).

Good Luck on your decision! Have a magical trip! :mickey:


04-04-2012, 10:45 PM
As stated, the breakfast is nothing special, but it is included in your room stay. It can also be crowded in the morning before the park opens. When staying there, we just would take the food back to our room and eat there.

The rooms are similar to any budget hotel. They were always clean when we stayed there and the A/C worked fine.

If I am not staying at DLR, this is where we always stay.

Mary Chase
04-05-2012, 06:41 PM
Thanks for the reviews! I have looked into the Fairfield Marriott as well - but the free breakfast at Carousel is what has me thinking that's the place we're going to stay. We aren't really big breakfast people, so pastries, fruit and cold cereal will be just fine. Normally we pack those items for breakfast in our room and end up having to buy milk/juice/water at Disney World. So it will save on having to pack those items. It also seems like the closest of the options I'm considering. We have a 5 year old and want to be as close as possible since we are probably not taking a strolller. Glad to hear Carousel has been recently renovated. It looks nice by the few pictures I've seen. I'd love to be able to stay "on property", but I just can't justify the extra expense when I don't see the benefit when I can stay for half the cost across the street from DL!

And just as a side note - I am really excited about my first trip ever to DL! It can't get here soon enough! :cloud9:

04-05-2012, 07:31 PM
And just as a side note - I am really excited about my first trip ever to DL! It can't get here soon enough! :cloud9:

I grew up within 30 minutes of DLR and went very often. The first time I was able to go to Disneyworld was a few years ago with my children.

It is kind of hard to compare the 2. They are not the same.

I love Disneyworld and can't wait to go again in Sept.

But.... Disneyland has something special too it. Maybe it is the fact that I went often as a child. But I think it is more that Walt had such an impact in designing DL. His apartment, the fact he walked the park, the history, etc. It is a very magical place.

You will have a great time! and 5 is an awesome age to take your little one. :)

It is really a short walk. Also, there is a mc donalds very close if you want an inexpensive dinner.