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Apr. 28, 1758 – James Monroe, the 5th U.S. President, was born in Westmoreland County, Va. He could be visited along with all the U.S. Chief Executives at the “Hall of Presidents” attraction in the Magic Kingdom at WDW.
Apr. 28, 1930 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “Night” was released.
Apr. 28, 1939 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Hockey Champ” was released.
Apr. 28, 1946 – Disney Studios ran an ad, “ Walt Disney Needs Girl Artist Now!” in the Los Angeles Times.
Apr. 28, 1949 – Actor Bruno Kirby was born in N.Y.C. He would go on to appear in Disney’s 1973 live-action comedy “Superdad” (as well as The Godfather Part II, City Slickers, and When Harry Mey Sally.)
Apr. 28, 1950 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Trailer Horn” was released.
Apr. 28, 1968 – The Disney TV show “Nature’s Charter Tours” aired.
Apr. 28, 1983 – “Total Abandon” opened at the Booth Theatre in N.Y.C. The original stage production, starring Richard Dreyfuss, was funded by Walt Disney Productions. (Unfortunately it would close after just one performance.)
Apr. 28, 1989 – The Disney Channel aired the 5th episode of MMC, “Today is Hall of Fame Day!”
Apr. 28, 1989 – A Typhoon Lagoon sneak preview took place for members of the press. (The new WDW water park would open June 1, 1989.)

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