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Apr. 26, 1905 – Character actor Denis O’Dea was born in Dublin, Ireland. Often cast as bull-headed police officers and priests, O’Dea appeared in the Disney live-action features “Darby O’Gill and the “Little People” (as Father Murphy) and “Treasure Island” (as Dr. Livesy).
Apr. 26, 1916 – American contemporary artist, author and illustrator Eyvind Earle was born in N.Y.C. (Walt Disney would assign this famous artist to create the distinctive backgrounds and settings for “Sleeping Beauty,” “Lady and the Tramp,” and “Paul Bunyon.”)
Apr. 26, 1916 - Actor Vic Perrin, one time narrator of Spaceship Earth and Universe of Energy, was born in Menomonee Falls, Wi.
Apr. 26, 1940 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Tugboat Mickey” was released.
Apr. 26, 1958 – Disney used the cast of his popular “Zorro” TV series for live performances at Disneyland.
Apr. 26, 1977 – Actor Jason Earles, Jackson Stewart on Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana,” was born in San Diego, Ca. He also appeared on a few episodes of Disney Channel’s “Phil of the Future” as Grady Spaggett.
Apr. 26, 1978 – Actress Brooke Tansley was born in Waterbury, Ct. in 2004 she would play the Broadway role of Belle in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”
Apr. 26, 1981 – The Disney TV show aired “Disney Animation: The Illusion of Live.”
Apr. 26, 1987 – Disney’s future TV series “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” premiered on FOX.
Apr. 26, 1987 – The Wonderful World of Disney aired “The Devil and Max Devlin,” starring Elliot Gould and Bill Cosby.

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