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Apr. 25, 1929 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse short “The Barnyard Battle” was released. It is the first short to depict Mickey as a soldier and the first to place him in combat.
Apr. 25, 1930 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Wild Waves” was released.
Apr. 25, 1952 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Let’s Stick Together” was released.
Apr. 25, 1953 – Ron Clements, the co-director & writer of such Disney features as “Treasure Planet”, “Hercules”, and “Aladdin”, was born in Sioux City, Iowa.
Apr. 25, 1961 – Disney’s loans from the Bank of America were paid off. Now revenue’s from movies goes directly to Walt Disney Productions.
Apr. 25, 1964 – Actor Hank Azaria, who portrayed Charles Danner in Disney’s 1999 comedy movie “Mystery Alaska”, was born in Queens, N.Y.
Apr. 25, 1970 – Actor Jason Lee, the voice of Buddy Pine/ Sundrome in the 2004 Disney/Pixar animated feature “The Incredibles,” was born in Huntington Beach, Ca.
Apr. 25, 1972 – Academy Award winning actor George Sanders, the voice of Disney’s Shere Khan in “The Jungle Book”, and the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, passed away.
Apr. 25, 1988 – Mickey Mouse and Michael Eisner appeared on the cover of TIME magazine. The issue featured an article titled “Do You Believe In Magic?”
Apr. 25, 1989 – The 2nd episode of “The All New Mickey Mouse Club” aired on the Disney Channel. Today’s episode was “Today is Guest Day!”

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