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Mar. 27, 1901 – Cartoonist Carl Banks, who would draw the Donald Duck comic book for 3 decades, was born in Merrill, Or.
Mar. 27, 1927 – Disney’s Alice Comedy “Alice the Collegiate” was released
Mar. 27, 1930 – George Borgfeldt and Company issued its 1st Disney merchandising contract to Walkburger, Tanner and Company of Switzerland. They would manufacture handkerchiefs featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Mar. 27, 1940 – Actor Austin Pendleton, the voice of Gurgle in Disney’s 2003 “Finding Nemo,” was born in Warren, Oh.
Mar. 27, 1952 – The first public announcement of Walt Disney’s plans to build Disneyland were printed in the Burbank Daily Review.
Mar. 27, 1957 – The Disney TV show “Donald’s Award” aired.
Mar. 27, 1957 – Although Disney’s “Cow Dog” and “Somoa” were both nominated for Short Subjects, Two-Reel, The Bespoke Overcoat took home the Oscar at the 1956 Academy Awards.
Mar. 27, 1959 – The Walt Disney Presents TV series aired “Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Bloom.”
Mar. 27, 1959 – Mouketeer Annette Funicello performed “Tell Paul” and “Jo-Jo The Dog Faced Boy” on TV’s American Bandstand.
Mar. 27, 1961 – The “Snow White Grotto” opened on the outside of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland.

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