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Mar. 23, 1911 – Paula Winslow, the voice of Bambi’s Mother in the 1942 Disney classic was born.
Mar. 23, 1912 – Werner Von Braun, a space scientist, and a friend of Walt, and who helped produce Disney’s 1950’s series “Man In Space”, was born in Wirsitz, Germany.
Mar. 23, 1936 – Artist Ollie Johnson became master animator Fred Moore’s assistant at the Disney Studio.
Mar. 23, 1936 – Film star Mary Pickford told a Boston Post reporter, “there is only one Walt Disney… He is the greatest producer the industry has ever turned out.”
Mar. 23, 1950 – Bobby Driscoll was given a special award at the Academy Awards, for Outstanding Juvenile actor of 1949. (He had portrayed Jerry in Disney’s 1949 “So Dear to My Heart” and “Johnny” in Disney’s 1946 “Song of the South.”)
Mar. 23, 1951 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Corn Chips” was released.
Mar. 23, 1951 – Disney’s Goofy cartoon “Home Made Home” was released.
Mar. 23, 1957 – Actress Amanda Plummer, the voice of Clotho in Disney’s animated “Hercules,” was born in N.Y.C.
Mar. 23, 1967 – Disney’s 17 minute cartoon “Scrooge McDuck and Money” was released.
Mar. 23, 1969 – “Herbie Day” was held at Disneyland to help promote the original movie “The Love Bug.”

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