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Mar. 14, 1920 – Cartoonist Hank Ketcham, best known as the creator of Dennis the Menace, was born in Seattle, Wa. He would start in the business as an animator for Walter Lantz and Walt Disney, where he would work on films such as “Fantasia,” “Bambi,” and “Pinocchio.” In 1951 Ketcham would create Dennis the Menace, based on his 4-year-old son Dennis!
Mar. 14, 1929 – Disney’s 7-minute Mickey Mouse cartoon “The Barn Dance” was released.
Mar. 14, 1930 – Basketball Hall of Fame coach Don Haskins was born in Enid, Ok. In 2006 Walt Disney Pictures would release “Glory Road,” a movie based on his 1966 championship all-black Texas Western team.
Mar. 14, 1935 – Donald Duck made his 1st appearance in the Mickey Mouse daily newspaper comic strip.
Mar. 14, 1942 – Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Dumbo appeared on the cover of this day’s Liberty magazine. The cover art, which depicts the characters paying their income taxes, has been created by Hank Porter.
Mar. 14, 1945 – Disney’s Portuguese Reading Film No. 1 “A Historia de Jose” and No. 2 “Jose Come Bien” were delivered to the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs was delivered.
Mar. 14, 1947 – Comedian/actor/director Billy Crystal, the voice of Mike Wzowski in Disney’s “Monsters, Inc.” was born in Long Beach, N.Y.
Mar. 14, 1956 – The Disneyland TV show featured the film “Stormy the Thoroughbred”
Mar. 14, 1965 – J. Randoplh Richards, the President of the 77th Annual Tournament of Roses, announced that Walt Disney would serve as the parade’s Grand Marshal in Jan. 1966.
Mar. 14, 1965 – Disney’s part-1 of its 4-part TV movie “Kilroy” aired. (Part-2, Mar. 21; part-3, Mar. 28; part-4 Apr. 4, 1965)

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