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Mar. 12, 1938 – Disney’s first full length animated feature “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was released in the United Kingdom.
Mar. 12, 1943 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Flying Jalopy” was released.
Mar. 12, 1946 – Voice actor Frank Welker was born in Denver, Co. often referred to as a “voice acting god” in Hollywood, his Disney credits include “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” “Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams,” “The Emperor’s New School,” “Kim Possible,” Cinderella III: A Twist in Time,” and “Bambi II.”
Mar. 12, 1948 – Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter James Taylor, whose version of “Second Star to the Right” appeared on the 1988 CD “Stay Awake Various Interpretations of Music From Vintage Disney Films”, was born in Boston, Ma.
Mar. 12, 1954 – Disney’s Featurette Film “Stormy – The Thoroughbred with an Inferiority Complex” was released.
Mar. 12, 1958 – The Disney TV show aired “The Saga of Andy Burnett: The Big Council.” (Episode 6)
Mar. 12, 1961 – The Disney TV show “Daniel Boone: [III.] The Wilderness Road” aired.
Mar. 12, 1964 – The Disney film “A Tiger Walks” was released.
Mar. 12, 1978 – Disney’s part-1 of its 2-part TV movie “Trail of Danger” aired. (Part-2 aired Mar. 19, 1978)
Mar. 12, 1987 – Robert J. Fitzpatrick was named president of Euro Disneyland.

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