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03-10-2010, 05:03 AM
Mar. 10, 1905 – Actor Richard Haydn, the voice of the caterpillar in the Disney 1951 classic, “Alice in Wonderland” was born in London, England.
Mar. 10, 1909 – Walt Disney’s grandmother Mary Richardson Disney passed away in Ellis, Ks.
Mar. 10, 1935 – An article titled “Mickey Mouse Emerges As Economist” was published in this day’s issue of The New York Times. Readers were told – new applause is heard for Mickey Mouse rising high above the general acclaim for him that already rings throughout the earth. The fresh cheering is for Mickey the Big Business Man, the world’s super-salesman.
Mar. 10, 1938 – Disney’s cartoon short “The Old Mill” won an Academy Award.
Mar. 10, 1944 – Disney’s Goofy cartoon “How to Play Golf” was released.
Mar. 10, 1948 – Disney’s “Bambi” was awarded 2 Special Golden Globe Awards “for furthering the influence of the screen” and “for the Hindutani version of the movie.”
Mar. 10, 1953 – Africa USA, a wildlife tourist attraction in Boca Raton, Fl., opened its doors to the public. A unique theme park (before its time), Walt Disney himself would frequently visit and even consider purchasing the 300-acre site. (Africa USA would close in Sept. 1961).
Mar. 10, 1955 – U.S. President Eisenhower called Walt Disney and congratulated him on the TV broadcast of “Man in Space,” which aired the previous night.
Mar. 10, 1963 – The Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color aired “The Horse with the Flying Tail.”
Mar. 10, 1968 – The Disney TV show aired “Wild Heart.”

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