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Ms. Mode
02-26-2010, 02:23 PM
Do any of you have these problems:

1. You go to WDW and the first day you're home the TV has a commercial about a WDW discount that started the first day of your vacation that you didn't get...can't get because it started after you were there and you didn't know it.

2. Your friends, that have booked WDW because you talk about it all the time and they want to go now too, book their trip and four months before they leave they get a call from WDW that they just saved 100s of dollars because of a new discount program.

3. Your planning your next trip and your DH calls you up to tell you about a co-worker that just got a call about a discount that saved them bunches...."can you find out if we can get that too, or are we in the donut hole...again?" This from the same DH that hesitates to book through MJ. :)

02-27-2010, 10:09 AM
Well, several years ago we were locked out of potential A/P savings because even though I knew about them, I couldn't get through to re-book our trip to utilize them. By the time I got a CM on the phone line, all of the discounts had been exhausted for our chosen resort.

Enter MJ, and we've never had issues getting any of the discounts out there - whether it be AAA room only, a special promo or A/P room only discounts. In fact, Terrisue usually converts our reservation to the best "deal" before I've even heard about them.

I am an "extreme" planner, but this is the one facet of our trip that I turn over to MJ. They've never disappointed me. Sorry that you've been caught in the no discount zone! :(

02-27-2010, 10:44 AM
Yes, I have been the victim of discount envy. Also, my husband was reluctant to trust MJ.
We took two trips that would have given us discounts, but we missed discounts because I tried to work it out with Disney Travel and couldn't swing it without rebooking or making it seem like such a hassle. My thought then was "Oh well, Disney vacations are expensive anyway. It's worth the price."

Two trips ago, I finally said to my husband that I wanted to try MJ and we had nothing to lose. He kind of gave that "Honey, I know you like your message board, but do we really know these people" attitude again, but the promise of money saved, no cost to us, and my insistence to try it once worked. At first, the price was the same I could have booked at Disney directly, and he was skeptical. Then a few weeks before leaving, a discount came out that saved us $600-- $600 that I wouldn't have gotten on my own. Yay! That helped. And then our trip worked out as if I had done it all on my own, and he was relieved and happy. He kept thinking we would go to check in and have no reservations or something, despite my showing him all the paperwork.

And now, we've just used MJ again and got a great discount. We had two discounts to compare and we saved lots of money. We're staying longer than we stayed last time (by two days) for a lot less (over $1000 less). Yesterday, the husband was recommending MJ to a coworker. Total convert. :) And we live happily ever after without discount envy.