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Feb. 24, 1786 – Writer and linguist Wilhelm Carl Grimm was born in Hanau, Germany. (He and his brother Jacob will be the first to write down such classic folktales as Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.)
Feb. 24, 1939 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “The Practical Pig” was released.
Feb. 24, 1940 – Francis Langford, recorded “When You Wish Upon a Star” for Disney’s Pinocchio.
Feb. 24, 1943 – Master Disney animator Vladimir “Bill” Tytla resigned from the Disney Studios. His perception that he is un-welcomed at the studio, has been given less challenging work, his wife’s three-year long illness with tuberculosis, and a desire to live on his Connecticut farm has led him to his decision.
Feb. 24, 1950 – Disney’s 1st full length animated feature “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (released in 1937) was released in theaters in West Germany.
Feb. 24, 1950 – Disney’s Goofy cartoon “How to Ride a Horse” was released.
Feb. 24, 1951 – Actress Debra Jo Rupp was born in Glendale, Ca. Best known from the hit TV series “That’s 70’s Show,” her Disney credits include “Air Buddies,” and “Teacher’s Pet.”
Feb. 24, 1955 – Steve Jobs, one of the leading figures in the computer industry, was born to an American mother and a Syrian father in San Francisco, Ca. A co-founder & CEO of Apple Computer, Jobs bought Lucas Film’s computer graphics division in the mid 1980’s and turned it into Pixar Animation Studios.
Feb. 24, 1956 – The Disney short “Chips Ahoy,” featuring Donald Duck and Chip’n’Dale was released.
Feb. 24, 1957 – The LP record “Firehouse Five Plus Two-Firehouse Five Plus Two Goes to Sea” was released on the Good Time Jazz label. The Dixieland group featured animators Ward Kimball (on Trombone) & Frank Thomas on piano), and songwriter George Burns (on Tuba).

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