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Feb. 20, 1888 – Lee Miller, the voice of the Dog Catcher in Disney’s 1955 film, “Lady and the Tramp” was born in Oakland, Ca.
Feb. 20, 1919 – Actor Dick Wesson, the narrator of TV’s “The Wonderful World of Disney” was born in Idaho.
Feb. 20, 1927 - Disney’s Alice Comedy film, “Alice at the Carnival”, premiered at the Paramount Theater in New York City.
Feb. 20, 1928 – Disney’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon “Africa Before Dark” was released.
Feb. 20, 1936 – Disney held an action analysis class for his animators. It was taught by Don Graham and included a lecture on timing by Dick Huemer
Feb. 20, 1937 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Moose Hunters” was released.
Feb. 20, 1946 – Actress-singer Sandy Duncan was born in Henderson, Tx. Her Disney credits include the 1978 film “The Cat From Outer Space,” and the 1976 TV program “Christmas in Disneyland” and the 1974 TV special “Sandy in Disneyland.”
Feb. 20, 1959 – The Disney TV show aired episode 6 of “Elfego Baca: The Griswold Murder.”
Feb. 20, 1961 – Disney’s animated short “Aquamania” featuring Goofy was released.
Feb. 20, 1971 – Walt Disney Productions released “The AristoCats” (the 20th nimated feature in the Disney animated features canon) in Brazil.

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