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Feb. 10, 1870 – The California City of Anaheim was incorporated. It’s name is a blend of “Ana” (after the Santa Ana River) and “heim” (which means home in German.)
Feb. 10, 1927 – The Alice Comedy “Alice at the Carnival” was released.
Feb. 10, 1929 – Legendary film composer Jerry Goldsmith (whose musical score can be heard in the Disney film attraction “Soarin’ Over California” was born in Los Angeles, Ca.
Feb. 10, 1934 - Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “The Grasshopper and the Ants” was released. The voice of the grasshopper was by Pinto Colvig also the voice of Goofy.
Feb. 10, 1934 – Actor Barrie Ingham, the voice of Basil of Baker Street for Disney’s 1986 animated “The Great Mouse Detective,” was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England.
Feb. 10, 1935 - Donald Duck made his 1st appearance in the Mickey Mouse Sunday comic strips.
Feb. 10, 1949 - Disney’s “Mickey and the Seal”, “Tea for Two Hundred”, and “Seal Island” were nominated for Academy Awards.
Feb. 10, 1950 – Disney’s Pluto cartoon “Pluto and the Gopher” was released.
Feb. 10, 1951 – Robert Iger was born in Oceanside, N.Y. After finishing his undergraduate studies at Ithaca College, Iger would begin his career in entertainment media st the American Broadcasting Company, where he would work from 1974-1999. in 2005, he would be named President and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company.
Feb. 10, 1956 – A memorial service was held for author A.A. Milne (creator of Winnie the Pooh) at All Hallows-by-the-Tower in London. (Milne has passed away on Jan. 31.) Milne’s son Christopher, who has grown to resent his father and has seldom visited his parents, attended the service. It was the last time Christopher would see his mother.

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