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Feb. 7, 1812 – Charles Dickens, the most popular English novelists of the Victorian Era and one of the most popular of all time, was born Charles John Huffam Dickens in Landport, Portsmouth, England. (Creator of some of literature’s most memorable characters, his 1843 “A Christmas Carol” and his character Ebenezer Scrooge are as popular today as the day they were first introduced to the public. Adapted for theatre, film, TV, radio, and opera countless times, a 3D version of “A Christmas Carol” was released by Disney in 2009.
Feb. 7, 1927 – Disney’s Alice Comedy “Alice at the Carnival” was released.
Feb. 7, 1938 – Donald Duck’s daily comic strip began appearing in newspapers.
Feb. 7, 1938 – Composer-conductor Oliver Wallace began work at the Walt Disney Studio. (The Academy Award winner would write, conduct and perform music for such classics as “Dumbo,” “Ichabod and Mr. Toad,” and “Lady and the Tramp,” until his death in 1963)
Feb. 7, 1940 - Disney’s animated feature film “Pinocchio” premiered at the Central Theatre in New York City at a staggering cost of $2.6 million to make.
Feb. 7, 1942 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Mickey’s Birthday Party” was released.
Feb. 7, 1943 – Historian Eric Foner, considered the leading contemporary expert on the post – Civil War Reconstruction period, was born in N.Y.C. (He revised the presentation of American history at the “Hall of Presidents” at WDW’s Magic Kingdom, and “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” at Disneyland. Foner completely rewrote and changed the script of the “Hall of Presidents” in order to focus more on slavery and other ethical and civil related issues. He also rewrote Lincoln’s speech which was originally identical to that which Lincoln gave in the original version of “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.”)
Feb. 7, 1944 – Disney’s animated feature “Pinocchio” was released in Spain.
Feb. 7, 1947 – Wayne Anthony Allwine, the 3rd official voice of Mickey Mouse, was born in Los Angeles, Ca.
Feb. 7, 1956 – Keller’s Jungle Killers, a circus act in the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Tent, opened in Disneyland.

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Its crazy to see how much has happened on just one day in WD history.

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