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Feb. 5, 1907 – Novelist, scriptwriter and historian Samuel W. Taylor was born. His short story A Situation of Gravity would be the inspiration for Disney’s 1961 TV action “The Absent-Minded Professor.”
Feb. 5, 1919 - Red Buttons, who starred in Disney’s 1977 “Pete’s Dragon”, was born in New York City.
Feb. 5, 1934 - The U.S. Patent Office granted a patent to the Ingersoll-Waterbury Clock Co. of Connecticut, for the 1st Mickey Mouse watch.
Feb. 5, 1936 – The United Artist film Modern Times starring Charlie Chaplin was released. In a short sequence actress Paulette Goddard picked up a Mickey Mouse doll in a department store and held it up front of Chaplin.
Feb. 5, 1937 – A memo to Disney cartoonist Al Taliaferro from the animation story department reads “Inasmuch as we have decided to actually put a story crew to work on “Donald’s Nephews, we would like to recognize the source from which the original idea of these new characters sprang…Thanks.” Taliaferro has recently created Donald’s Nephews, Huey, Dewey, & Louie for his comic strip.
Feb. 5, 1946 – Disney’s training film “The ABC of Hand Tools” was delivered to the General Motors Corp.
Feb. 5, 1950 – Tony-nominated actor Jonathon Freeman, known for voicing the villainous Jafar in Disney’s “Aladdin” and its sequel “The Return of Jafar,” was born in Bay Village, Oh. (His Broadway credits include “The Little Mermaid” as the original Grimsby and “Beauty and the Beast” as Cogsworth.
Feb. 5, 1953 - Disney’s 14th animated film, “Peter Pan” opened at the Roxy Theatre in New York City.
Feb. 5, 1953 – Disney’s True-Life Adventure film “Bear Country” was released.
Feb. 5, 1960 – The Disney TV show aired “Two Happy Amigos.”

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