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Feb. 3, 1918 – Animator Don Griffith was born in Butte, Montana. His career would begin at the age of 19 as an inker at Disney Studios on Hyperion St. in Los Angeles, Ca. Griffith’s 52-years at Disney would include teaching at Cal Arts and working on such features as “Peter Pan,” “Mary Poppins,” and “The Black Cauldron.”
Feb. 3, 1925 - John Fiedler, the voice of Piglet in many of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh movies was born in Plattesville, Wisc.
Feb. 3, 1930 - Roy Disney signed a deal with M. George Borgfeldt Co. of New York to sell Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurines.
Feb. 3, 1931 - Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “Birds of a Feather” was released.
Feb. 3, 1939 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Society Dog Show” was released.
Feb. 3, 1941 - Disney’s animated feature film “Pinocchio” was released in Sweden.
Feb. 3, 1945 - Disney’s 7th animated feature film “The Three Caballeros” was released.
Feb. 3, 1956 - Nathan Lane, the voice of Timon in Disney’s 1994 “The Lion King” was born Joseph Lane in Jersey City, N.J.
Feb. 3, 1963 – The Disney TV show “Greta, the Misfit Greyhound” aired.
Feb. 3, 1965 – WED Enterprises (personally owned by Walt Disney himself since 1952) was incorporated as a subsidiary of Walt Disney Productions.

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