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Feb. 2, 1922 - Walt Disney began working at his own cartoon company, called Newman’s Laugh-O-Grams in Kansas City, Missouri.
Feb. 2, 1933 – Actor Tony Jay, the speaking & singing voice of Judge Frollo in the Disney animated film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” was born in London, England, Jay’s distinctive baritone voice can also be heard as Monsieur D’argue in “Beauty and the Beast” and Dr. Rosenthal in “Recess: School’s Out.”
Feb. 2, 1938 - The 1st Donald Duck daily comic strip was published.
Feb. 2, 1950 – The cover of this day’s issue of Western Family magazine featured Mickey and Minnie Mouse smooching through a giant valentine. The illustration is the work of Hank Porter (originally a staff artist at the Disney Publicity Art Department.)
Feb. 2, 1955 – The Disney TV show aired “Wind in the Willows.”
Feb. 2, 1967 - Roy Disney outlined his late brothers plans to build the world’s 1st futuristic metropolis, or Epcot when Disney Productions announced it will build the world’s 1st glass domed city in Central Florida. The presentation, narrated by Walt Disney, who died December 15, 1966, is termed by Disney officials as “Walt’s Last Film”. It premiered at the Park East Theater in Winter Park, Fl., where it was screened by Florida business and Government figures. The film showed a 50 acre, air conditioned “City of Tomorrow” centered in a 1,000 acre industrial Park between Orlando and Kissimmee.
Feb. 2, 1967 – The Disney film “Monkey’s, Go Home!” was released.
Feb. 2, 1969 – The Disney TV show aired “Pancho, the Fastest Paw in the West.”
Feb. 2, 1986 - Disney returned to Sunday Night TV, with host Michael Eisner, and the 1st Disney Sunday Movie “Help Wanted: Kids”; starring Cindy Williams and Bill Hudson. (Ended Sept. 11, 1988)
Feb. 2, 1986 – The Disney TV movie “Help Wanted: Kids” was released.

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