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Feb. 1, 1908 – Baggy Trousered, banjo-strumming comedian Gene Sheldon (known for playing small parts in films and performing in pantomine on TV guest appearances.) was born Eugene Hume in Columbus, Oh. He would be cast by Disney as the mute sidekick/servant Bernardo on the 1957 TV series “Zorro.” He also had major roles in such Disney features as “Toby Tyler,” “Ten Weeks With the Circus” and “babes in Toyland.”
Feb. 1, 1925 - Disney’s Alice Comedy, “Alice Gets Stung” was released.
Feb. 1, 1926 – Disney’s Alice Comedy “Alice’s Little Parade” was released.
Feb. 1, 1942 – Writer, actor and director Terry Jones was born in Colwyn Bay, Wales, U.K. Best known as a member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Jones portrayed Mr. Toad in the 1996 live-action The Wind in the Willows (later known as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.”)
Feb. 1, 1954 - Actor/musician Bill Mumy who appeared in Disney’s 1969 “Rascal”, wrote the music for Disney’s Adventure’s in Wonderland”, and did the voice over work on “Buzz Lightyear: Star Command” was born Charles William Mumy, Jr. In San Gabriel, Ca.
Feb. 1, 1956 – The Disney TV show aired “A Day in the Life of Donald Duck.”
Feb. 1, 1956 – Better Homes & Gardens ran an article about the new Disneyland Park titled “Land That Does Away With Time.”
Feb. 1, 1957 – The article “Clean Sweep For Disneyland” appeared in the publication America City. The article told of the 64-member crew whose 24-hour job was to keep Disneyland clean.
Feb. 1, 1966 – Hollywood fixture and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper passed away. In 1938, Hopper began writing a newspaper column, “Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood,” for the Los Angeles Times. A year later she spun the column off into a 15-minute radio program. (One of the many Hollywood characters who stroll about the Disney-MGM Studios interacting with guests, is very reminiscent of Miss Hopper!)
Feb. 1, 1967 – Teenage/adult romantic comedy author Meg Cabot was born Meggin Cabot in Bloomington, Indiana. Her novel “The Princess Diaries” was made into a Disney feature film in 2001.

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