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Jan. 23, 1900 - Disney animator and director of the 1937 “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, David Hand was born in Plainfield, N.J.
Jan. 23, 1913 – Singer Max Smith was born in San Luis Obispo, Ca. As a member of the Mello-O Men (a barbershop-type quartet) his Disney film credits included “Alice in Wonderland” and “Lady and the Tramp.” Along with Bill Cole Stevens, Bill Lee & Thurl Ravenscroft, the Mello-O Men also performed o countless Disney TV programs and of course supply the vocals for th Haunted Mansion’s “Grim Grinning Ghosts.”
Jan. 23, 1928 - Disney’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon “Neck’n’Neck” was released.
Jan. 23, 1942 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “The New Spirit,” made for the Treasury Department and distributed by the War Activities Committee was released.
Jan. 23, 1943 – Disney animator Ollie Johnson married Marie Worthey (an employee in Disney’s Ink and Paint Dept) in Ca.
Jan. 23, 1946 – Disney animator Frank Thomas was discharged from the Army Air Corps. (Enlisted in the service since December 1942, he would return to work at the Disney Studio in April 1946.)
Jan. 23, 1948 – Disney’s Goofy cartoon “They’re Off” was released.
Jan. 23, 1957 – The Disney TV show aired “Our Friend the Atom.”
Jan. 23, 1959 – The Walt Disney Presents TV show aired episode 4 of “Texas John Slaughter: Showdown at Sandoval.”
Jan. 23, 1964 - Kelly Parsons, from the 1977 - 1978 TV show “The New Mouseketeers” was born in Florida.

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