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Jan. 22, 1934 - Actor/director Bill Bixby (born Wilfred Baily Bixby) who appeared in the Disney film “The Apple Dumpling Gang”, and short lived TV series “Herbie, the Love Bug” was born in San Francisco, Ca.
Jan. 22, 1940 - Actor John Hurt, the narrator of Disney’s 2000 release of “The Tigger Movie” was born in England.
Jan. 22, 1949 – A radio show out of Nashville called Wormwood Forest, featuring puppeteer Tom Tichenor, aired. The episode featured Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, voiced by Walt Disney and Clarence Nash.
Jan. 22, 1954 – Disney’s “The Living Desert” was given a special Golden Globe Award “for artistic merit.”
Jan. 22, 1958 – The Disneyland TV series aired part-1 of “The Littlest Outlaw.” (Part-2 aired Jan. 29, 1958)
Jan. 22, 1960 – The Disney TV show aired episode 6 of “The Swamp Fox: A Case of Treason.”
Jan. 22, 1961 – The Disney TV show aired “A Salute to Father.”
Jan. 22, 1964 – The Disney film “The Misadventures of Merlin Jones” was released.
Jan. 22, 1978 – The Disney TV movie “The Journey to the Valley of the Emu,” directed by Roy E. Disney, aired.
Jan. 22, 1984 – Super Bowl XVIII was played at Tampa Stadium in Fl. The halftime show was a Disney production called “Salute to Superstars of Silver Screen,” featuring the University of Florida and Florida State University bands. The Los Angeles Raiders beat the Washington Redskins 38-9.

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