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Jan. 20, 1902 – Actor Leon Ames, was born in Portland, Indiana. His Disney credits include “The Monkey’s Uncle,” “The Misadventures of Merlin Jones,” “Son of Flubber,” and “The Absent Minded Professor.”
Jan. 20, 1920 – Disney Legend Lucien Ades was born in Constantine, Algeria. He would go on to pioneer the first read-along” record album for Disney Consumer Products in France, in 1953.
Jan. 20, 1929 – Jean-Jacques Perry, an electronic music producer and an early pioneer in the genre, was born in France. Along with Gershon Kingsley, he created the song “Baroque Hoedown,” the theme song for Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade and the original Electrical Water Pageant theme song.
Jan. 20, 1930 – Buzz Aldrin, the second human to step foot on the moon, was born in Montclair, N.J. Over the years the former astronaut would attend special space-related events at Disney theme parks (such as the launch of Epcot’s Mission: SPACE in 2003)
Jan. 20, 1936 – Eighteen-year old Adriana Caselotti recorded her first tracks as the voice of Snow White. (Her father Guido Caselotti is a vocal coach, who had been hired by Walt Disney to helpcast parts in Snow White.)
Jan. 20, 1937 – Actress Dorothy Provine, Ingrid Randall in Disney’s 1965 “That Darn Cat!,” was born in Deadwood, S.D.
Jan. 20, 1947 – Composer for film & TV, John Beal was born in Santa Monica, Ca. Growing up with the kids of top Disney animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, Beal was introduced to Buddy Baker, the main composer of all Disney films, TV shows and theme park music at the time. This led to Beal himself composing and arranging music for Disneyland and WDW, in particular “America Sings” and “Carousel of Progress.”
Jan. 20, 1950 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Lion Around” was released.
Jan. 20, 1963 – Disney’s part-1 of the 2-part TV movie “Johnny Shiloh” aired. (Part-2 aired Jan. 27, 1963)
Jan. 20, 1971 – The Disney films “The Wild Country,” and “Bongo” were released.

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