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Jan. 8, 1926 – Actor Kerwin Mathews was born in Seattle, Wa. He is composer Johann Strauss Jr. in “The Waltz King,” a 1963 2-part episode of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.
Jan. 8, 1936 – Walt Disney was decorated with France’s highest award – The Legion of Honor, at a ceremony held on the grounds of his Hyperion Ave. Studio, Jean-Joseph Viala, the French Consul in Los Angeles, pinned the medal to Disney’s left lapel.
Jan. 8, 1938 – Leopold Stokowski conducted a session in Culver City, Ca. for a Disney animated segment called “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” The musical piece also called “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” was written by French composer Paul Dukas. Walt had to rent a studio as the 85 musicians whom Stokowski has selected cannot fit on Disney’s Hyperion soundstage. The session was recorded late at night at the suggestion of Stokowski. He chooses nighttime because the musicians would have to drink coffee to stay awake and this would make them more alert!
Jan. 8, 1956 – Due to poor attendance, Disneyland’s “Mickey Mouse Club Circus” closed.
Jan. 8, 1958 - The Disneyland TV Show aired Disney’s 6th full-length animated film “Saludos Amigos”.
Jan. 8, 1960 – The Disney TV show aired episode 4 of “The Swamp Fox: Day of Reckoning.”
Jan. 8, 1961 – The Disney TV show aired episode 7 of “The Swamp Fox: A Woman’s Courage.”
Jan. 8, 1962 – Disneyland’s “Chicken Plantation Restaurant” (in business since the park’s opening) closed in Frontierland.
Jan. 8, 1967 – Disney’s part-1 of its 3-part TV movie “Willie and the Yank” Aired. (Part-2 aired Jan. 15, Part-3 Jan. 22, 1967)
Jan. 8, 1978 – The Disney TV movie “Three on the Run” aired.

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