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01-02-2010, 06:59 PM
Well, thankfully, I am able to become an ICOT member again. Man, I miss this place! :party:<p>

Anyway, on Facebook, I have some really nice pics taken in ALL parks, and even some of my own drawings when I was 8 or 9 years old. You can see my drawing talent is uh....pretty dubious, but the love for Disney emblazoned in my head the layouts of Epcot Center (back then) and The Magic Kingdom. :mickey:
I could actually draw and label where every single attraction, gift shop,or restaurant. I was literally my own guide map! <p>This was when there were only 2 parks-MK and Epcot Center,
and I LOVED Epcot MORE than MK! My parents were stumped! I was just a little kid! To me, It was basically learning made FUN, and I soaked it ALL in. My visits to China made me very interested in Dragons, I have done all kinds of creative stuff with them (if we bought one). I even studied Chinese culture to find out the significance of Dragons.<p> I was able to recite the video clips at Energy word for word, and the narration on SE, Horizons, WOM, the Land-okay practically EVERY ride was memorized to the point where I knew them all;
even Impressions De France, Rio Tiempo, and Malestrom. Same with Magic Kingdom. <p>My parents actually let me go and do everything myself, without themat age 11 or 12. They knew I would NEVER get lost! I could hardly believe it! My own pace, with my own destinations. (*Siiiiggghhhh* I miss those times so much.:( I I couldn't have been happier. Then we heard about Vacation Club, and we were HOOKED, :marg:especially when we heard they would give us 1 day (each and every day we were there) according to the number of beds in your room, and since we all had Annual Passes, the deal was made. This was around the early 90's and although we do not have the Club anymore, we still get thier at least once every two years or so. :mickey: