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Nov. 28, 1955 – The Mickey Mouse Club aired the episode “Today is Fun With Music Day” on ABC-TV.
Nov. 28, 1956 – The Disneyland TV series aired part-1 of “Treasure Island” on ABC-TV. (Part-2 aired Dec. 5)
Nov. 28, 1957 – Disney’s 8th Zorro TV series episode “Zorro Rides into Terror” was aired.
Nov. 28, 1958 – The Disney TV show aired episode 3 of “Elfego Baca: Lawman or Gunman.”
Nov. 28, 1958 – Walt Disney Presents TV series aired part-2 of Johnny Tremain.
Nov. 28, 1968 – The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade took place in N.Y.C. Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, Goofy, and a handful of other Disney characters rode atop a giant birthday cake, while a huge Donald Duck balloon floated over the parade route.
Nov. 28, 1971 – The Disney TV movie “Lefty, the Dingaling Lynx” aired.
Nov. 28, 1974 – The “Star Jets” attraction opened in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom at WDW.
Nov. 28, 1974 – The “Grand Prix Raceway” attraction opened in Tomorrowland at WDW.
Nov. 28, 1976 – Disney’s television special “Disney’s Greatest Dog Stars” aired.

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