View Full Version : Fall Getaway Promo better than AP Rates?

10-22-2009, 02:03 PM
Hi All
Every now and then I go on the reservation website to compare prices to the AP rate when I am planning a trip. The AP rooms have a tendency to go pretty fast and I like to know my options. I did this yesterday for the Grand Cali staying on Nov 8 thru the 10th and got quoted a standard rate of $233 a night and was quoted a Fall Getaway price. The AP rate is $239. I checked for DLH and it seems the AP rate was more favorable, but a standard was $170 a night. Now I havent seen anything here or anywhere else about this promotion, so I am sure Disney will announce it after Halloween. Just wanted to pass that info on to anyone who was thinking about a trip.
Have a good Thursday all!