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09-26-2009, 07:08 PM
Does anyone have any experience with a baby at Disneyland? I'm thinking about going on my birthday because I will have free entrance to the park. My daughter will be 6 1/2 months. She's usually pretty laid back and very curious, so I thought she would enjoy it, but I've come across a lot of people who think bringing her would be a bad idea. Any thoughts or experiences you have would be appreciated. Thanks!!

09-26-2009, 11:57 PM

I brought my DD the first time when she was 3 months old. She did fine that time. I didn't really do many rides with her (she had colic). Take advantage of the baby care center. It is great. I would not hesitate to bring a baby. She won't remember it, but you will and have the great pictures to prove it.

My DD is now almost 10 y/o and we have had passes since she was 15 mos. As a toddler she loved going to Disneyland. She would cry when we left the park.

I would go have a great time and Happy Birthday.:party::party2::birthday:

09-27-2009, 09:14 AM
Don't plan so much around whether or not your baby will enjoy the trip but rather will you be able to enjoy yourself.

09-27-2009, 03:36 PM
My son was 7 months when we brought him.
He had a great time and so did we!
Although she won't remember it, you will :)
I cannot wait to go again when he is a year old :)
Enjoy your trip! It is going to be magical whatever age :)

10-22-2009, 03:11 PM
My son was 10 months the first time I took him. There is so much for them to see and watch. I exposed him to everything Disney before we went, that way when he saw Mickey mouse bigger than life for the first time he smiled and giggled. We even took him on Pirates! o.k. He was a bit bigger than 6.5 months. The baby center is a God sent! They have everything you need if you forget anything there is one in both Disneyland and California adventure. They have private rooms for nursing and a great changing area that is all ways spotlesly clean! Microwaves for heating food and bottles.

10-23-2009, 12:45 AM
I'm at DLR right now with a 6 month old. We rode POTC, ETR, HM, BL Space spin, S. World, Nemo, TSM, Alladin show, almost everything in Fantasyland. Used baby care centers, Its been great so far.

11-21-2009, 08:15 AM
I brought my youngest son to Disney when he was only 7 weeks old. As long as you keep them safe, cool, comfortable (reclining stroller), dry and fed they are pretty happy just being with you.

11-22-2009, 01:25 AM
My boys have been going to DLR regularly all their lives. Being "locals", I saw no other way. ;)

My older son went for his first visit at 4m. My younger son...8 weeks! Older son is now 5, younger is 3 1/2. We have always gone about two times per month, on average.

Having a baby in DLR is pretty easy. The park is small. There are ample places to sit and rest, to let baby nap, that are QUIET. The baby care center on Main Street is fabulous, and easy to get to from anywhere in the park (due to the small layout of DL). Fantasyland is great, esp. the outdoor rides like the Circus Train, Storybookland boats, Dumbo, Carousel (you can sit on the stationary chair), Teacups (if you don't spin them, they go very slowly around). Other favorites for babies: Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room (this one is a MUST--just get ready to cover baby's ears during the "thunderstorm" for a few seconds), Winnie the Pooh. SMALL WORLD! You can also ride the big steamboat around the river, the Steam Trains, and then let him/her play at Goody's playground in Toontown. If there will be more than one adult, you can use "baby swap" to ride some of the bigger rides. One of you waits with the baby, the other rides, then you switch, and whoever was waiting w/ the baby gets to go on immediately, through the exit. It's great!

DLR has lots to see, great music (including live performers on Main Street) to listen to, and is, in my opinion, a MUST for babies/toddlers. I can't imagine why anyone who lives close enough and has babies doesn't take them all the time! :blush: I mean, it's FREE entertainment for the kid until he/she turns 3!!! Not much around that fits that bill. Of course, mom and dad have to pay. ;)