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09-15-2009, 12:51 PM
Has anyone ever gotten the Southern California City Pass with tickets to DL, Universal, Sea World and San Diego Zoo?

It sound like a good deal but you only get 3 days at Disneyland... Does anyone know if you can add more days to that? Like upgrade from 3 day park hopper to 4 or 5?


09-15-2009, 02:42 PM
Hi! We bought it when we were there over a year ago. It was really worth it. Only thing is you have to use the Disneyland tickets first. We were visiting from New Jersey and this worked our really well for us because we went to Disneyland first, went to Universal and then drove to San Diego for the rest of the trip. We did everything in the booklet.
I don't think you can add days on....I think you have to just buy extra tix for Disneyland...We were just in Disneyland for the 3 days so that is why the booklet worked well for us.
All the tix come in a booklet. Do not in anyway rip anything out of your book. Let the people at the gates of all the parks do it for you.
Hope this helps!

AZ Disney
09-15-2009, 08:06 PM
Just wanted to 2nd that the City Pass is really a great deal. I haven't used it in Southern CA, but have in two other cities and it was just as advertised with no surprises. The previous poster, mentioned that you must use Disneyland first with the SoCal City Pass - I could be mistaken, but I just don't think that is the case. I looked at their website and I didn't see any small print of that nature. It's good for 14 days - come and go as you please. Anyway, have fun!

09-15-2009, 10:37 PM
Thanks! Just gathering info right now, but sure seams the way to go, money-wise.

I didn't see anything on their site about having to use Disney first, either... can anyone confirm one way or the other?

09-16-2009, 09:33 PM
I will try and find it for you......or at least that is what it was like when we were there in 2008...that was definitely the deal......

09-16-2009, 10:20 PM
I just looked all over their site and didn't see anything.....I would just call to confirm. I was there in March 2008 and we had to use disneyland first. It looks like they changed that though. I remember it written on the ticket....and on the site....
You can always call.....Here is the number to call to make sure
1-888-330-5008 City Pass line...

09-16-2009, 10:22 PM
I just tried calling for you but they were already closed. :(

09-17-2009, 01:56 PM
I searched a bit more online and did not find anything that said you have to use Disneyland first. However if you buy the pass through Universal and pick the print-at-home option you have to go to Universal first to exchange the p-a-h paper for the booklet. So maybe it was that kind of situation?

I will call to double check before purchasing, we are in the very early stages of planning right now so it's not a big deal yet.

Thanks for all of you help!

09-17-2009, 02:03 PM
hmmm no we had bought it in Disneyland at the ticket booth not online. I guess that they just changed it. Enjoy your time!! Its a great value!! :)

01-15-2011, 12:16 PM
Glad to hear that folks have had good experiences with this pass. We're going to take advantage of it on our trip this summer.

1 question: how does the hopper work in conjunction with this pass? Do you carry the booklet with you to change parks at DL during the day?